How important is the school?

  1. I have my BSN and I'm eagerly looking to get back in to school to work on my NP degree. I know this question has probably been asked a million times so far, but I have a unique kind of issue.

    I live in Florida right now and I want to move out of state for several reasons. However, I have a family member that works at South University, which is a private, for-profit school. I could go there for a greatly reduced price (possibly free, minus books). A part of me says, "Hey, tuition discount? Of course!" But the academic part of me thinks it would be far better to go to a well-known school (not necessarily a Harvard, but something not for-profit).

    South University is just getting their FNP program started and I don't think its had a graduating class yet (at least at the campus I'm near).

    Should I take the cheap move and go with South? Or would it be wiser to stick to an already established program, even if it means more money?
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  3. by   CNA1488
    i would check into accreditation. if they haven't had a graduating class yet then they might not have their full accreditation.

    i had a similiar issue. im a married homeowner and there is a private school here for nursing that i could start ASAP, be done in two years, etc. but they were not accredited by the nursing board yet (but you could still take your NCLEX if you graduate). Because of this I opted to move 4 hours away into my husbands parents spare guest room and go to a fully accredited fast track nursing school there (ALSO PRIVATE FOR PROFIT) sucks leaving my beautiful home and husband for the period of time ill be in school, but its worth it, it looks better to come from a school that is accredited!!
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  4. by   daniellejudith
    The academic portion? R u serious? When it's all said and done, wherever you decide to work will not hire you vs another person with the same degree because you went to a school that was known for their academics. You will get the job based on knowledge, expertise, experience, personality. I watched America's Next Top Model a few seasons ago and there was a model who had graduated from Harvard with a degree in, I believe Literature. Tyra Banks asked her questions about different authors, writings, etc and this girl was dumber than a ton of bricks. Lights were on but nobody was home. As of today I am still baffled on how this girl graduated from a prestigious university. Get your degree where the price is right. It's a private university so what would be the difference on a private school vs that academic school? Who cares about name brand schools. You will get the position based on knowledge, expertise, personality, credentials, certificates, & licences. Plus you live in a beautiful state. Get the degree, move, then if you choose to go to that school in the future, being that nurses are always going for a higher degree after they finish the last, then go for it
  5. by   SarahB84
    I would only worry about accreditation so that you'll have credits for transferring, should you choose to obtain a higher degree. Everyone wants a nurse who is kind and careful, I can't imagine anyone caring about the school unless the job you are looking at is an academic one, or perhaps the job is running a hospital.
  6. by   StudentNurse2011
    Something else to think about - what is your plan of focus for your Master's Degree? If the discounted school only offers an educational or management focus but you want to be a clinical NP, that will also affect your decision. One school that a local hospital pays 100% of the fees only offers a few options. Yes, their program is an accredited NP/MSN program, but it only offers education, leadership, and informatics.
  7. by   DavenportRN
    I guess I forgot to mention, but yes, they are accredited. I think their Savannah, GA campus has a running ARNP program, but its just now opening up in the Tampa area. They only have an Adult NP and Family NP, so that is slightly limiting (though, as I said before, I'm looking at FNP).
  8. by   mtsteelhorse
    Go for the lesser tuition! Make sure their accredidation is reputable, like CCNE. Sounds like you have a great opportunity ahead of you. Good luck!