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  1. I am starting my first adult health clinical rotation on Monday and need serious help establishing goals. My goals - learn as much as I can and pass the course! I just don't think the faculty will buy this! Can anyone share with me what they have used as goals to help spark some ideas?

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    LOL - that was my goal too.....what type of clinicals are going to do? For instance, I have precepted APN students in the nephrology practice where I work. Their goals were something along the lines of a measurable goal, like "I want to be able to assess 10 dialysis patients and determine their estimated dry weight and how much fluid should be removed during this dialysis treatment by the end of the semester or by the end of x-amt of clinical hours.....
  4. by   Roseyposey
    This is just Adult I/Older Adults. This is my first rotation, and I am fortunate to be in an all nurse practitioner, family practice clinic (on my own for finding placement). They see all types of patients, but my focus is supposed to be adults. I have e-mailed my clinical faculty as well for suggestions.

    I know there are things that are part of my new, expanded role that I need to address, like gyn exams, that I have never done as an RN. I just am not sure how specific I should get. I am a master of over-thinking these things and getting in my own way!
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Because most APN program run on the nursing model, my goals had to be measurable. So I addressed my goals like *(ugh) nursing diagnoses when we were in school....
  6. by   basketcase123
    I too am struggling with my goals for this semester now that I have moved beyond the initial ones of performing so many new assessments & X amount of focused assessments. I think it is difficult because it is all new and I am not certain of what to expect. Any suggestions on writing up reasonable goals would be appreciated. I think I am having writers block! haha
  7. by   nitasarn
    To be comfortable performing adult physical assessments by the time I reach 100 clinical hours.

    To be able to perform and document a complete history and physical by the end of February.

    To be able to formulate at least one differential and one working diagnoses appropriate for the patients that I see by the end of the semester.

    To be able to formulate/review plan for acute and chronic diseases with minimal help from preceptor.

    Be able to perform focused assessment pertaining to symptoms that the patient is presenting

    Be able to discuss disease management and educate patient and family members.
  8. by   phillycpnp-pc
    I start clinical tomorrow at a peds urgent care center and our teachers told us that for our first clinical our goals should be simple as this is our first clinical experince. So mine was to be able to do a H&P efficiently and independently by the end this rotation. I also made goals based on where i requested to do clinical e.g i chose this speicalty so i can gain experince in this area, etc.
  9. by   Roseyposey
    Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. by   playboyesquiere
    Nice suggestions
  11. by   Dreamz123
    Did you figure out your references? I need some, I'm starting my first clinical setting. Any help?
  12. by   augienurse
    Beyond the basics I am struggling as well. For my practicuum at Olivet Nazarene University I have to list at least 3 personal clinical objectives for EVERYDAY I am at a clinical site. That's a lot of objectives and most are generic and repeated. Thanks for the input!
  13. by   blackbetty
    I start my clinical practice tomorrow and have to come up with a learning contract. I will be on a orthopedic/surgery unit. can anyone give me some suggestions please?
  14. by   Jeff71
    Great examples. Better than many others I have found.