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Greetings! Soooo after Georgetown kept haunting me to apply, I ended up not getting accepted. Waiting on Univ of Cincinnati (online) acceptance., I never knew graduate school would be this hard to get into. I never had issues... Read More

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    I had a borderline GPA and applied to Frontier, Ball State, and Austin Peay (Regents). I have worked at Vanderbilt for 2 years on a surgical med/surg floor. I had a 3.0 in my ASN program and then I did an online (Ohio University) BSN program and had a 3.7. I was turned down by Frontier and Ball State but did get into the FNP program at Austin Peay. Now I just hope I can make it through the next 3 years!

    PS - I am from Cincinnati and went to UC for some of my undergrad. I also have a few friends doing their Adult NP there and they like it!

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    Just wondering what were your GPA's when you got accepted in UC's program. I applied for Summer 2013, and I hate the wait game.....

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