Georgetown FNP Program

  1. Currently waiting to hear back from Georgetown on my application for the FNP program for the term that will begin in June 2012. Just wondering about anyone else who has applied or is in the program....their expereince with the application process and if they have any insight as o the advanages/disadvantages of Georgtown's program over others out there.
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  3. by   Patti_RN
    I was just admitted and I'm starting next month in their March cohort. I compared many programs before deciding on Georgetown. In fact I started a program elsewhere last year and became so frustrated with caliber of the program, its instructors, and the other students that I decided to find a more rigorous and stimulating program.

    From the beginning of the process everyone at Georgetown has been helpful, encouraging and supportive. The admissions counselor I worked with helped me through the process and gave me excellent guidance. I'm now working with a student support counselor. (You're 'handed off' to different counselors as you move from applicant to acceptance to enrolled student.)

    I've been impressed and delighted with Georgetown and the interactions I've had. The class sizes are small (usually no more than 8 students in a class) and the professors are top-notch.

    All the best to you. Hope you get good news, soon. When my application was complete it took about a week for them to notify me of my acceptance. Crossing my fingers for you!
  4. by   scjeevans
    Thanks! I am really hoping to hear something soon. My application was just completed and accepted on Friday the 17th. I am excited and nervous. Worried about the cost....but I won't ever accomplish my goals if I don't move forward. And I agree with you about GT. For the other schools that I would consider going to iinstead, their cost isn't really that much cheaper. Or they require more on campus visits, which means spending more $ in traveling. Good luck to you in school.
  5. by   scjeevans
    (sigh) I didn't get in. I think it may be because I didn;t take the GRE. I have 13+ years of expereince and a GPA of 3.4.
  6. by   Neyerm1
    O no! I'm sorry. I was also thinking of applying but I literally just became a RN-BSN and have a 3.47 GPA. Now I'm scared of applying. :/
  7. by   scjeevans
    If you have a ton of volunteer experience, you may be fine. You should apply anyway. The whole process is a good experience. Good Luck!
  8. by   mmutk
    I wish I could have gone to Georgetown, they rejected my application. Said they didn't have a good working relationship with my Board of Nursing (Tenneessee)