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Hey FUTURE Fall 2011 FNP students, I applied to TWU Denton campus and UTA for both of their FNP programs. I wish to attend Fall 2011. I haven't heard back from either of them on whether I've gotten accepted. Has anyone... Read More

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    Yes, I plan to get in for the FAll of 2012. I'm trying to get everything together and sent it in soon.
    If you don't mind, I like to keep in touch with you as you progress a long. One major concern I have about the program is the clinical core classes prior to Practitioner courses.
    I asked USI how to learn advance assessment skills online without on hand practice. They told me that I learn that on clinical core courses. As my understanding for the conversation, clinical core courses are not only online lecture but also has clinical part. I need to find clinic to learn the skills.
    Do you know anything about this? I like to contact Tammy, see if she can clarify this for me.
    So, we need clinical not only for the last 3 courses, but also for the clinical core courses?
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    Hi there...advanced health assessment has a clinical portion ranging from 65-90 hours depending on school...you must find a preceptor usually NP, MD sometimes PA and the school will have them sign a contract to supervise you. Good sites are primary care clinics, prisons....where ever you can be supervised to get a complete health assessment in....start looking for someone, this is the stressful part.
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    Thanks for the reply. It confrims my understading. Also thank you for those ideas re finding preceptors.
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    Hey Ari RN, I just got accepted to LIU's FNP program for Fall 2013, how is the program there? Any advice would greatly be appreciated!!!