Frontier FNP class 112 anyone? Frontier FNP class 112 anyone? | allnurses

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Frontier FNP class 112 anyone?

  1. 0 Has anyone applied yet or planning on applying?
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    I just applied for 113. But I have seen other threads about 110 and 112. Good luck!
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    i applied for 112 FNP. when i last called a few weeks ago, they said they were still deciding for class 110
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    I have applied for the FNP Class 113.... Can't wait to get a reply. But the wait is killing me, I really want to go to Frontier but anyone else in a dilemma about getting accepted elsewhere and not getting a reply from Frontier yet.... Has anyone applied to other schools???
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    raza, i had the same dilemma. i had to make decisions on several programs by Dec 1, and I don't think I'd hear back from Frontier for another month or two.
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    What track did u apply for, for the 113 class???
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    Quote from Hoping4RNin2010
    Has anyone applied yet or planning on applying?
    I applied to class 112 FNP.. still waiting for decision it is now 8 weeks before frontier bound.. anyone get accepted yet?
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    I applied for class 112 also, I haven't heard yet -- and if you look at the boards on here - no one else has either. They do have a facebook page that sometimes annouces that admission emails are going out for the different classes - so you might watch that to. . They had said their goal is to send admission emails out 6-8 weeks before Frontier bound, today is 6 weeks. Also, they notify you whether you made it in or not. The anticipation is crazy.
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    just got an acceptance email this morning
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    Congrats! I havent heard anything yet! Making me crazy!!!
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    Cauliflower - did you get a personal acceptance email or a group wise email that welcomed everyone in the class? In the past I'm hearing they got both -- just trying to figure out if they let out all the acceptance emails?
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    I got a personal email of acceptance, then a few group emails. I had to decline though and know someone else did as well, so hopefully that means some of the others can move up into this class. Did you hear anything yet?