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  1. Hi! Really enjoying this forum and wanted to see if anyone is planning on applying to the FNP program for Fort Hays State in the near future. I'm just now finishing my BSN after being an RN for 13 yrs. Of course anesthesia has been in my mind, but my feelings are really pulling me to the FNP route. Would love to hear from any recent grads or applicants / students of Fort Hays State.Thanks!
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  3. by   Izzy11
    Do you live in Kansas? Even though the program in online, you have to do the clinicals in Kansas.
  4. by   Kevbot
    Hi Izzy11,Yes I live in Wichita
  5. by   rodclem75
    how long are the clinicals, and where do you typically do them?
  6. by   Kevbot
    Sorry but I do not know the answer to that question. Hopefully someone else might and would like to chime in.
  7. by   Jen477
    Quote from rodclem75
    how long are the clinicals, and where do you typically do them?

    They have a "Tentative Course Rotation Plan" for the MSN-FNP program on their web site. Plus, their web site for "Prospective Graduate Students" say that they require 750 hours for the FNP program. You just have to search around their Dept of Nursing web site.

    Has anyone been through FHSU program or is going through it?
  8. by   Snarf
    I'm doing the post-Masters FNP program at Fort Hays...just finished my first class today. Even though I live in Colorado, I chose this program because the cost is so much less than the other programs I looked at. Also, I completed my BSN at Fort Hays so I know how the school, the teachers, and the online systems work. I will have to go to Kansas to do my clinicals but they said they would try to get me near the Colorado border so as to minimize my travel time. I'm going to take a full load this summer so we'll see how the clinicals work out.
  9. by   Kevbot
    That's great, Snarf!
    I'd love to hear more about your future progression.

    How was the FNP admission process. Was it difficult or competitive to get into the program?

    Thanks so much for sharing and I wish you the best in your career!
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  10. by   Snarf
    The admission process wasn't a big deal for me since I already had an MSN and my assigned advisor was the same advisor I'd had for my BSN program. Because I had done my BSN at FHSU, I automatically had all of their pre-req courses completed. I've heard that GPA makes all the difference on getting admitted into their Master's program. Good Luck in whatever route you decide to go
  11. by   Kevbot
    Thanks so much for your input Snarf! I wish you the best as well.
  12. by   mesa14
    I am looking into Fort Hays RN-BSN online program and any input is much appreciated. I live in California, but my understanding is that it is all online for the BSN. I will be working and have a toddler, so I want a program that is doable but that I will still get a good education from. Thank you so much for your time!