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Hey Everyone, I'm applying to nurse practitioner programs for Fall 2012. Anyone else out there? Maybe we can encourage each other during the process. I'm applying to: University of Arizona DNP/FNP UAB FNP USA DNP/ENP and... Read More

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    Sorry to hear that, microdi2. I didn't have to do citations for the FNP. I would check out this link for info about current APA standards. APA Style. You might also want to get PERRLA software, since APA is going to be our "friend" for the next few years of school! As far as your topic goes, they didn't offer suggestions? Maybe something about an evidence based practice that you are interested, like VAP reducing bundles? Whatever you like. There should be plenty of journal articles to back up your topic, and thus plenty of references for the paper. Good luck.

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    Good luck, BacktoBasics. I hope to see you in class!
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    Thank you for recommending the PERRLA program. I have been reading through an APA manual trying to get an idea and this will be so much easier
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    PERRLA is a real time saver. I wish I'd gotten it earlier!
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    Hey microdi2,
    I would try to get 2-3 journal articles from an accredited database source describing the importance/need of ACNPs in society, etc. Then incorporate it into your paper while describing your goals and personal importance of being an ACNP. Hope this helps and good luck!
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    I agree with LRNGIRL. I did this for my essay for UAB. I used quotes from my references to support my ideas of why NPs are needed. You can use journals or articles as your reference.
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    I received an email from one of the three schools I applied to. I was accepted into the DNP program at the University of Arizona FNP program. It will be another month before I hear from the other schools.
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    I got accepted to SUNY Downstate Medical Center MSN-FNP program for fall 2012.
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    I've been accepted to Georgia college and state university for their part time FNP program
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    Those accepted, did y'all have interviews? How did they go? Hard...easy...nervewracking? Mine with Missouri is Friday! Eeekkk!

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