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Trying to pick myself up after failing ANCC FNP certification exam and figure what to do now. I am already planning to re-take but do not know how to better prepare myself. I took the Fitzgerald... Read More

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    Sorry you failed but know you can do it. I didn't think I would pass but I did after one try. I took the AANP because its all clinical. How did I study? I took Fitzgerald review and bought every practice book I could find. I found that I loved the Leik book the best. I knew what I needed to focus on and that's what I studied.
    Taking the test you have to leave anxiety at the door.
    Before you start your test I wrote down some mnemonics for the stuff I could remember. Such as anemias and cranial nerves.
    Don't read into the questions just use the information that is given its pretty basic.

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    I promised I would post here after I took my exam!!
    I took the ANCC FNP exam this past Tuesday; June 4th and PASSED FIRST ATTEMPT!! Man; it was mainly a weird hodgepodge of everything. Approximately 25% of it were straight medical/clinical questions which with the Fitzgerald book or Leik book would help 100%. The remainder (75%) was all over the place with most of it being culture and ethics stuff.

    Some things that I remember occurring pretty frequently;

    Lot of health care reimbursement, Medicare, Medicaid stuff
    Lot of adolescent
    Lot of older adult questions
    and mainly how to communicate.

    How I prepared:
    Fitzgerald Book
    Leik Book (which I really spent the majority of my time with) I liked it because it was straight forward!
    The ANCC review book (which can be purchased on their website)
    The ANCC review question bank (150 questions in 2- 75 question tests) 99$ on their website...its ok but not that great
    The website: (Tons of ethical, cultural and weird ANCC type questions with feedback) These tests are excellent!!! but make sure you select the FNP-BC test banks. They are PRETTY EXPENSIVE though...approx 12.00 per 100 test.

    My suggestions to help you pass??

    Study the Leik and Fitzgerald books (mainly Leik);

    Then buy the familyNPPrep tests and the ANCC website test bank and spend 2-3 weeks reviewing all the cultural, ethical and healthcare policy questions....I would recommend spending a large amount of time with ethics (beneficence, non-malfeasance, veracity, transference, counter-transference, (and stats stuff)specificity etc..
    You will do well if you know your ethics and priorities...etc
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    Moody JB. Congratulations. I am glad that you passed it is such a relief to know that you are now a board certified family nurse practitioner. What are your plans from here?
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    Received official results today from AANP. Scored 487 & they say 500 is passing. OMG SOOO close!!! I just want to cry! Sucks to be so close but have to go through the pain & misery again for studying & retesting!
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    I took the FNP Mosby review with National Healthcare Institute and I passed both the ANCC and AANP exams. Found a couple of errors but after taking Barkleys review I realized that I rather have a couple of rational errors than pay for a course that fall short in general like Barkley. Based on my experience, I will recommend this course over other reviews out there...good can do it!
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    I most say that after failing the ANCC FNP exam once I passed yesterday! Yeyyyyyyy I can't believe it! Unlike other people that forget about those staying behind, I believe telling you guys my story you can learn from my experience and pass this exam too...I study using the FNP review at, after reading several positive reviews about this course, I registered and oh God am I happy I did. The information is very complete and the practice questions were almost exactly like those on the exam. I used Leik and Fitzgerald before and I can tell you that this review is far superior. I got a little depressed at first and kept emailing the instructor for reassurance at the beginning (yes, this sold me too it. They actually have an NP instructor assigned to you to answer all your questions. Not even my 40k tuition at XXX University did that for me). Anyway I am very excited I passed and wanted to share with you...I got several picture identification questions and all that apply, so make sure you pay attention to those. Best of luck!
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    Congrats on passing. I have failed the 1st attempt and it has been difficult emotionally...ughh but I want to know if you had the same exam both testing times? completely different exam? or did you see some of the same questions?
    I am preparing to retest and I am looking for some incite.
    Thanks in advance
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    Hi, has anyone sat for the ANCC FNP for 2015. I know it's only the 12 th of January, but I was curious and I have questions

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