Duke AGNP Spring 2017

  1. Hello everyone! Has anyone else applied to the AGNP program at Duke for the Spring 2017? I think I am more nervous applying to grad school than I was when I sat for my NCLEX!
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  3. by   muzik6759
    I haven't turned in my application yet (hopefully tonight, putting the finishing touches on personal statement!) but I am planning to apply for the FNP program starting in Spring 2017.
  4. by   roaringlion
    A word of advice from someone who attended the NP program at Duke - STAY AWAY. Trust me. It is amazing what goes on at this school, especially for the price students pay to attend. Numerous students have been pushed to the point of dropping out by members of the administration. The "on campus" visits are often a huge waste of time and involve maybe 1 hour of hands on stuff (if that isn't cut out last minute) and 6-7 hours of listening to panel discussion on ethics or nursing technology or how to get published. The clinical placement office is more of an obstacle than a help - they advertise they will place you within 2 hours of your home (one way) but do not mention that they only use mapquest without traffic considered. If you live in a major city, watch out. I know students who lived in the NYC or DC areas where traffic can turn 2 hours into 4 hours easily and they don't care. And watch out for tuition and fees as well - it's already one of the highest in the country and goes up about 5% every year of the program. Trust me, if I knew then what I knew now I would have gone to ANY other school I was admitted to. Don't make the same mistake I did.
  5. by   pbonline1992
    I applied for the FNP program. I am so nervous and excited!
  6. by   jls0459
    Good luck to both of you that applied. I hope to see some more AGACNP applicants pop up.

    Did either of you send your transcripts before you completed your application. I did and am worried they won't be attached to my application. I'm sure it is nothing to worry about, but I don't want any hiccups along the way.
  7. by   pana92
    I applied to the FNP program Spring 2017 cohort. I was told by the nursing office the FNP program is the most competitive, which makes me nervous. Does anyone know how Duke looks at applicants, is it mainly GPA or experience?
  8. by   anchorRN
    Can anyone explain the "descriptive and inferential" statistics class requirement for Duke's MSN program? I'm considering applying (with minimum gpa but taking the GRE), but saw this requirement. It mentioned "basic biostatistics". Did anyone take a special stats class prior to submitting application?
  9. by   jls0459
    I don't remember seeing that requirement for the AGACNP. I did have to take statistics for my undergrad, but it wasn't a special class. Maybe give them a call and ask them? They are very nice.
  10. by   anchorRN
    Here is the link, it is right on the general MSN Admissions page, suggesting it is required for all disciplines:
    Master of Science in Nursing Admission Requirements | Duke School of Nursing

    maybe this is new? I'll try and call and chase down an answer
  11. by   muzik6759
    A basic statistics class SHOULD have covered both descriptive and inferential statistics. I took "statistics for health care professionals" as part of my bachelor's program and we covered both.
  12. by   jls0459
    Is anyone else that applied exempt from the GRE? I am curious to know that the status is for your test scores. Does it still say they are pending?
  13. by   muzik6759
    Mine does too. I was actually wondering about that today.
  14. by   jls0459
    Maybe they update the status after they review the transcripts. Who knows. I do feel a bit better knowing that some one else has a pending status.