CSUDH MSN/FNP fall 2013

  1. Hello, I'm wondering who all has been conditionally accepted into the Fall 2013 MSN/FNP program at CSUDH. I have been and would love to talk about the program. Have any of you heard about the program, classes, instructors, and I'm a bit confused about the clinical requirements. Are they due THIS July 15 or NEXT July 15?
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  3. by   Ms. Informed
    Hello! I have been conditionally accepted for Fall 2013 MSN/FNP track as well. I have not heard much about this school =( Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who attended this school, so I've been doing research on my own. I'm glad I found this post online though. I do hope others will reply with informative news.

    From my understanding, the clinical requirements are due July 2014. However, I found that the FNP handbook was a bit disorganized, and therefore hard to follow. I can only hope that they clarify everything at the orientation in August. Have you heard anything about this school? My main concern is enrolling in the Fall 2013/Spring 2014, paying tuition and submitting the portfolio, only to find out that I did not get accepted into the program. I just don't want this to be an experience of lost money and time =\
  4. by   RNewbie
    I'm interested in information on this school's fnp program as well. Anyone out there have experience with this school?

    @ Ms. Informed- What are the conditions for a "conditional admission" and when will you find out if you are officially admitted? Thanks.
  5. by   LuvmyPit
    Hi all. I'm also conditionally admitted. Attended the orientation earlier this month and was upset with all of the misinformation we were given. Presenter was not very friendly either. Don't know if they were trying to "weed" people out by scaring them. I agree with not wanting to put time, effort and money in only to find out not admitted. I guess we are all in the same boat.
  6. by   Nursebecky70
    I was wondering if you got into the program? I was in the same boat as you, as was a couple of my co-workers and none of us made it past the first review. We were surprised because we all had good grades. I'm assuming our essays weren't good enough, which is sad because we are all pretty good writers. Anyways, I get people asking me questions about fnp programs and am about ready to tell people not to waste your time cuz no one actually gets in.
  7. by   Mary310
    I, too, am in the same boat. I was very disappointed at how unprofessional the whole process was. It seems like the school uses FNP program to attract students and then have them change role options to CNS, nurse educator or nurse leadership.
  8. by   Yanabg
    Hello. What kind of essay you are talking about . The one with the portfolio/application or a different one .
  9. by   Yanabg
    [I'm assuming our essays weren't good enough, which is sad because we are all pretty good writers. )Hello. What kind of essay you are talking about . The one with the portfolio/application or a different one .
  10. by   RNewbie
    I've just signed up to take 1 MSN course this spring at csudh. I'm not enrolled in a degree program yet. I was considering the fnp program but can't find much info about it. I'll post any info I find out about the program.
  11. by   Ms. Informed
    Hi. Sorry to reply so late, I kinda forgot about this thread. Anyways, conditionally accepted means you're accepted in the school, and need to take several MSN courses. The first semester is advanced patho and advanced nursing roles. During the first semester, you also send another application specifically to the nursing program (in this case, the fnp program), which includes transcripts, essay, letter of recs, etc. Then you go on to take advanced pharmacology and advanced health assessment the following semester. After that semester is over, you submit another form. That form includes your grades in the four classes and the GWE writing score. That form is considered the second level review. From there, they select 15 students to join the actual MSN/FNP program. You can only apply once. If you don't get in, they said we can either change our track to something else (such as nurse educator) and reapply. Or we reapply to another school and hope to god that our classes are transferable so that we don't spend another year stressing over the same material. Either way, the whole application process is long, harsh, and unnecessary.
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  12. by   RNewbie
    That sounds like too much for there to be no type of guarantee
  13. by   Ms. Informed
    Yeah, I know. That's why everyone at the orientation left either upset or shocked. I don't know how they can get away with it since it is pretty unfair. The only benefit is that IF you do get accepted, the cost is cheaper (for California residents, that is). But I would consider other schools too. I won't find out if I get in until June 30th apparently.
  14. by   ThisNurseIs
    Hi, did you end up getting in "accepted" to the FNP program?