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    Well, I'm due to start a psych NP program in Jan. I have been all geared up for it but realize now I'm extremely stressed out. Finishing my BSN next week, taking an online stats course then right into the MSN program. HELP! I guess I just need to be propped up and no one but you guys can begin to relate. My options are:

    1. Try to defer until next fall (not totally happy with that due to my age and not sure it's an option
    2. Drop down to 3 days/week at work and go to school
    3. Bag it and appreciate what I have

    No one can tell me what to do...I know that. But I've been on this forum for years and know how helpful others insight can be. I just don't really know what to expect in grad school. Thanks for whatever it is you can offer...I'm a wreck.
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    Keep going - its really better to just trudge on thru! I did the ADN to BSN in 2004, went straight to an MSN than did an adult health CNS - all right after the other.

    Then...five years later I went back for a peds CNS.

    I'm really lazy and knew if I stopped school, I would stop for good. My motivation factor only seems to work if I'm actually doing it - lol.

    Please don't think I'm insinuating that you are lazy, I'm not. Its just easier IMHO since you are in a school frame of mind, to just get it done.
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    Thank you so very much for your reply. I guess I ask myself "is it worth it?" Only I can answer. But I totally agree that I am in the groove so what the heck...plow on through. I'm not lazy; in fact I tend to be high stress when it comes to school...a perfectionist who gets in her own way. And I want to go into psych, you laugh!?!?!

    Do you think it's better to cut back at work if possible and just bust on through? Is grad school just ridiculously demanding?
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    I may not be of much help in this area. I did an MSN in management and leadership and found it time consuming as far as papers went but not otherwise demanding because it was a non-clinical MSN.

    However, my post-MSN adult CNS was 15 credit hours then 580 clinical hours. Fortunately I had loads of PTO so I just used that for clinicals and then did clinical time at night and on the weekends.

    For my peds CNS, I did another 15 credit hours and 500 clinical hours. Again, since it was 5 years later, I had plenty of PTO so just used that.

    It wasn't an option for me to cut down from full time for the adult CNS. By the time I did the peds CNS I had been an APN for 4 years so was salaried and already worked 50+ hours/week. Again, not able to cut back my hours. Doable? Yes. Fun? No.

    Helped a lot that my kids are adults.
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    Ah yes, kids. Mine are still in school, I'm old(er) and time waits for no one. Thank you for your sharing your story. You sound extremely motivated! Congrats on your successes!
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    If you are financially able to cut your work schedule down to three days a week, I would definitely go for it. I'm about to start my final semester in January and I just went to three days a week. I was initially working four days.
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    How was it working 4 days/week? How many classes did you take at a time? Thanks for your input!
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    My advice is to keep going. Dont give up on your dreams. Lots of needs for Pysch NPs..and it starts off pretty slow with fluff classes. You can do this. Believe in yourself. Go part time at work or part time in the NP program. But go for it. You got this. It will be a lot of work, they make sure of that. But its all worth it in the end. you will do fine. Thats what I did. Worked full time as long as I could, then dropped down to part time with both .
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    You are so right...I can do this! I feel like I cheat my family when I spend so much time in front of the computer. But, If I can cut back a little at work and take 2 classes I should be okay, right?! Thanks for your support everyone. I think I get in my own way. You are a wonderful support system.
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    You can do this!!

    We "spoke" back in September. I started this past fall, and it is a handful! I was working crazy amounts of hours, and taking two classes.. Got a little behind, pulled by hours back to 3 nights, got cought up, then Sandy hit. I have my girls do "homework" with me, so we are all at the table working. I still feel like we spend time together, and for the most part I can concentrate.

    Get going with it now. I am actually thinking about cutting down to 1 class in January, but I am going to see how my grades turn out first. I am terrified of failing...

    Good Luck!!

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