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After spending a couple full days last month applying to Georgetown's online program, I got accepted. The program is to start in March, and it's all online (except the 650 hours of clinical). I was... Read More

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    Sapience, what does USI stand for? I have read similar posts about University of South Alabama. I am very sorry to hear you are having a hard time, I know it must be disappointing. Good luck in the future.
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    Student_FNP, can you send me the name of the school you currently attend? I am not sure how to send you a PM. I would appreciate the heads- up, I am compiling a list of schools that I want to apply to and don't want to apply to as well. Thanks and good luck to you.
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    Dr. Tammy, this is off the subject but I would like to have your input on a couple of issues that it appears that you would have insight into. However, I am not exactly sure how to send you a PM. So I will post the issues on this forum and you can respond as you see fit.
    1) What is the benefit of the DNP in your opinion?
    2) I am a single mom and would like to get the nurse practitioner under my belt as quickly as possible so I can start working. So would you suggest that I do an MSN-NP program or do a BSN-DNP? I could always go back for the DNP, it appears that you finished it up in one additional year. Or would you spend the time doing a second MSN specialty? I am going for the Family Psych NP, but I saw a program that is a double, Family Psych and FNP for a total of 76 credit hours. I see that the BSN-DNP is about 84 credit hours. Hope it's not to confusing. I appreciate any input. Thank you and congrats on your accomplishments, they are quite impressive.
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    I'm curious what program has a dual FNP and mental health program? Is it online? Does it have a post-mastr certificate option? Thanks
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    RNGO4IT, I will look over my millions of scribbled notes and find out what university that was. I do remember it was about 70 something credits because I thought to myself, "would it be better to be double mastered or doctored in a single specialty." It's about the same amount of credits. I will find the info and post. Chow for now.
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    OK, I found it. It is Northeastern University, Bouve' College of Health Sciences. It is a dual FNP and PMHNP program, 76 credit hours total. Which do you think would be more beneficial the dual certification or a DNP in just one specialty. I was looking at the psych DNP program at Brandman University. I'm kind of tired of hypertension and diabetes.
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    Did you end up going to Georgetown? I have submitted my application and am excited about the program. I have researched the program and I think what I am anticipating the most are the weekly online-live-via-webcam classes with only 10 other students and the professor. As far as I can tell there is not another online FNP program like this. However, the cost of attendance does have me somewhat panicked. Just wondering if you decided to go the Georgoetown route and if you did, how you like it. And if you didn't, where you are going and how you like that program.

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    Hi I recently saw your post just now and I was wondering if you too could message me the name of the school you're currently attending. Thank you!
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    Quote from RNbrent
    ...I'm not rich by any means. I was hoping to find a program that is 30-50k. Can anyone make any recommendations?
    Try Fort Hays State University's online MSN-FNP program or University of North Dakota's online programs.
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    Quote from Student_FNP
    My FNP program is cheap. However i wouldn't recommend it because cheap doesn't necessarily get you the education you need or want...

    I strongly suggest you look into the quality of the program rather than how inexpensive it is. I wanted to go the cheap and convenient route as well thinking that it really wouldn't make a difference in the long run. Well that may be true...but the problem is will I ever GET to the long run in my program? With the lack of resources, direction, and guidance, perhaps I will, or maybe I won't...

    Most people need some sort of guidance in order to make it through these programs and trust me it is no fun to feel as though no one else (instructors, adviosors, etc.) cares if you suceed or not.

    All I can say is that I personally am definately regretting my decision of cheap over quality of program.

    Much Agreed, Student_FNP
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    Yeah, it concerns me when people seem to only care about whether or not their program is cheap or convenient (ie: online). Quality of education seems to vary widely in nursing, unlike in medicine or PA programs. Try to find a program that is reasonably priced but that will support you and has an excellent reputation. Easier said than done, but sometimes we must sacrifice for our education. I am moving several states so I can attend a top institution (UCSF), because I want to be the best NP I can be.
  13. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Since you are in the DC area, there are excellent state schools near by. Both U-Maryland and UVa are ranked in the Top 15 of nursing programs in the country. If you are an instate student, tuition should be around 15K per year (so the full degree under 30K) at either school.