APEA vs. Fitzgerald Review

  1. I'm graduating from an MSN, FNP program in May, and have registered for a live APEA review course for the end of next month. I've been studying from a Fitzgerald review book though, and have been second guessing whether I signed up for the right review course. I'm hoping I can get some reassuring feedback (or just thoughts in general) regarding the APEA review from people who have taken it? Anything you have to offer is much appreciated!
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  3. by   hope1272
    Hi Abby
    Congrats on getting your MSN....Hang in there. So I took the Fitz. Review and DID NOT like it. I ordered the APEA cds and books and have been using them (can't take her live course at the moment). I do like her CDs and question book much better than the Fitz. I think taking her course will be good for you. I had a classmate who took the AANP and said that the APEA course/questions helped her on the exam. You can even take the online questions on the APEA website (you have to pay for those). So, my advise is study, review, review, and review. But start reviewing and focusing on the subject you are least good at!!! You have time and good luck. God Bless!!!
  4. by   NPluvsalsa
    Hey I passed I'd do Hollier review CDs with syllabus... I'd do fitzgerad review book front to back and I'd do Hollier Comprehensive exams her peds and Geri section in her certification practice review... Be Honset Fitzgerald review is overtop with a bunch of extra crap... For example she goes deep into all these different med regimen to treat pneumonia... Before I took her course I was prescribing the right thing after that lecture I was like what... Listen to Hollier it was like you give this, that, boom ur done... I am a def believer in keep it simple stupid...I liked the info and will probably take her pharmacology course and pathophysiology course... But for certification skip that lecture do her review book...
  5. by   Jane33 RN
    I did not take the Fitzgerld review class but a coworker let me barrow his CDs. The CDs are good and I also had her review book which goes into more detail than her CDs. It depends on which certification exam you take. I used the Hollier review book and found it very helpful on the AANP exam. I had questions on the exam that I saw in that book. My friend did the Fitzerald review and she liked it. She took the ANCC and passed. I tooked the ANCC and did not pass. I did not think the Fitzgerald CDs were helpful for that exam because she did not cover much on the non clinical portion of that test. She was too detailed but not a lot of detail on the non clinical portion. I hope this helps. I wsh you the best!
  6. by   hope1272
    I totally agree with Jane and NPluvslsa. I love Hollier. I also did her online tests at APEA.com. Good Luck!
  7. by   UMAshtangi
    Hey all: My AANP is on Wednesday, and I'm really really nervous. I'm doing the APEA audio CD review, plus her review questions book. I also did the Fitz audio CDs with review question book. It seems that the Fitz is WAY too much information.....from those of you who took and passed the exam what do you think?

    The APEA questions seem much more straight forward. Fitz is a lot of patho and disease process, and MOA of strange meds. Hopefully, the AANP isn't like this.
  8. by   mahaandai
    Hello UMAshtangi,
    I cleared my AANP exam few weeks back. I had used m.fitz's book and I read her discussion and summary after taking mock tests on multiple choice questions. I also took some online test on USMLE 3 question bank available in doctors' website. In fact USMLE 3 questions were much easier and straightforward than M.fitzerald 's questions.
    Bottomline, M fitzerald material rocks. Just read the book carefully.

    Good luck.
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  9. by   UMAshtangi
    Hi Mahaandai:

    So although the Fitz material is good, you think it's harder than the actual AANP?
  10. by   mahaandai

    Fitz. book and her audio CD is good enough for AANP. If you are scoring are 66 -68 % in APEA mock tests, I think you should be ok to clear AANP. Do not be intimidated with size & number of questions in AANP. Just confidently answer the questions.

    Good luck!
  11. by   UMAshtangi
    I did two of the APEA "predictor exams." They say a score of 65-68 correlates with passing the board. I scored 76 and 80. But I seem to do really well on her quesitons, and less well on Fitz. I guess we'll see on Wednesday.
  12. by   natyloo
    HI, so I was wondering if you all passed the AANP w/APEA practice test scores between 65-70%? I hope you all did!! I'm trying to get an impression of what I should be shooting for score-wise on the APEA exams. thanks!
  13. by   nitasarn
    your doing well, youll do fine on the exam
  14. by   jfosbre
    I took APEA in a live course as well as I purchased the CD set and listened to them along with the book. I studied for three weeks daily (I took a practice test before I started and at the end to gauge what I had learned). I took 2 days off after that and passed my boards first time...yay! I highly recommend this formula...Thanks APEA!