Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has received their letters?

    I know we are supposed to hear by June 1.
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  3. by   Aaron - CCT RN
    Hi - I got an e-mail from (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) congratulating me on being accepted to the Family NP program. However, I recently graduated with a post-masters FNP certificate and applied to the Acute Care NP program at USA. I emailed her and she said that she must have been given the wrong e-mail addresses and she would check with the administration ..... still waiting .....
  4. by   MandaRN94
    Still waiting...... There is another thread of waiting to hear from USA NP program under the Post grad forum.
  5. by   wengreen
    Hey, I too am still awaiting a reply, even though I applied to three schools. I have been rejected from one already; the one I didn't want. Now I am awaiting this letter which is my now second choice. My first choice is UAB. UAB deadline isn't until May 27th. I have a scholarship with a deadline of June 1, that's gonna go to waste because I haven't been accepted to my school of choice yet. Are you from Jacksonville, Fl. Well, it doesn't matter but we all should stick together and network and support each other if we make it in.
  6. by   MandaRN94
    I am actually going to do the online NP program as I live in California. I also applied to the University of Cincinnnati -still waiting to hear back from both......
  7. by   wengreen
    I just checked status online and it told me it was full for Fall FNP program. I don't know how official that is but I have not received a letter stating that.
  8. by   mmcmarsh
    Was that on the PAWS site?

    I've applied to the acute care program.
  9. by   wengreen
    Yea under secure information something like that
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  10. by   USA RN
    I received multiple emails stating I was accepted into the Adult/Geron (primary care) NP program with a letter of acceptance to follow. I had to return a "letter of intent to enroll form" (which I did) so I guess I'm good to go. I have a 3 day mandatory orientation in August. good luck to all!
  11. by   wengreen
  12. by   mmcmarsh

    Hopefully I will hear something soon. I haven't come across anyone yet who has applied to the acute track.

    My application status still says pending in dept review.
  13. by   wengreen
    What prog?
  14. by   mmcmarsh
    The adult/gero acute program is what I applied to. I think the previous poster had been accepted to the adult/gero primary program.