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I am currently looking into and applying to several FNP programs. I am wondering if anyone has attended or is attending either Kaplan or Walden? If so, what has your experience been like so far. Thanks!... Read More

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    any news about accreditation of Walden Univ msn-fnp in California. Will BRN let us take the National Certification? Please reply, anyone. I need your help

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    Hi Ron
    The CA BRN emailed me back when I asked them if Walden University is an approved online program for pursuing MSN for NP. They said "We do not accredit out of state/out of country schools." Also, after much research into the subject of approval vs. accreditation by our state of CA, I found out that if a program is accredited by the CCNE (meaning you can take the National Certification after graduation), and the program conforms to the CA Standards of Education (CCR 1484), and you hold a CA license, you will meet application requirements for NP certification by the BRN to practice in CA. I found this info on Check it out. Hope all this helps you.
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    I would like to know how this applies to the state of Florida . Thanks for the research and sharing of information ...
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    Quote from NP2BE2014
    I am an WALDEN student in the MSN/FNP program. I absolutely love it, I work 3-12 hour shifts, no kids right now and I have a FT boyfriend, I have lots of time for myself as well. I spoke with my advisor about a week ago and she said that they have students on a waiting list and I better be glad that I was accepted, she's really nice, she calls me just to check on me. I know of no other school who does this. I am glad I have my spot. I plan on becoming a nurse pract. preceptor when I graduate school that wont be until December of 2014 though. You can take one clinical class however you can also take two clinical classes, I'm gonna take 2 so that I can get it done in December I have 7 classes left. it only my second quarter, that's another factor in applying for NP programs. do you like semester or quarter, WALDEN is on quarters, 3 months a quarter, I like this because some of the classes are boring and you finish them faster
    Just curious have you completed the degree program at Walden
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    DO NOT go to Walden they do not support their students. I am currently a student at Walden University in the MSN/FNP program. I am up to the point of having to secure a clinical site/preceptor and having a great deal of difficulty. I have made several calls to the school (academic advisor, NP field training team) as well as sending emails to various people and not gotten any response let alone any assistance. I even tried to post a message on their FB page asking for help and it was immediately removed (it was not derogatory, simply asking for help). I did get a response to a private FB message with the name and email of someone I could voice my concerns to. I did email this person (on 3/30) and as expected I have not received a response. Unfortunately I am not the only MSN/FNP student having these difficulties. I am currently in the process of changing schools and many of my credits will not transfer, therefore I have wasted alot of time, effort, and my hard earned money. I have filed a written complaint with the school and am looking into the grievance process with the ANA and CCNE. Please contact me if you are one of the unfortunate MSN/FNP students in the same boat.
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