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I am currently looking into and applying to several FNP programs. I am wondering if anyone has attended or is attending either Kaplan or Walden? If so, what has your experience been like so far. Thanks!... Read More

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    I also started Walden in September. How's it going for you guys?

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    I applied and waiting for approval for december 3 for my agnp program.. Is anybody getting agnp or fnp online with walden?
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    im starting dec 3rd FNP at walden online
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    I am applying to Walden University now, wanting to start in the spring, any attended or attending now have any advice? I am a RN in PA, im just hoping the Pa State Borad of Nursing approves this degree. Any help with any of this would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would NOT consider Kaplan! Heard only bad things about it.
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    I did my BSN thru Kaplan and loved it. As much as you can love school that is. I have applied to Walden for my FNP hope to start in March, not that I am looking forward to going back to school but I need to do this and do it now. I am not getting any younger.
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    Hello I am also looking into Walden because they do not require experience for the NP program. I have also applied to U of A's BSN-DNP, which is my first choice but I am trying to keep a back up plan because I know there are far more applicants (likely better qualified than myself) than positions.... walden looks ok.... Still really nervous because it almost doesn't seem like a "real" school but if I don't get accepted to that other program I will be applying. Please let me know if you hear anything and if updates on your experience with the school. I do have to say that I've only spoken to them one time on the phone and out of the 10 schools I talked to they were the easiest to talk to, friendliest and gave straight-forward answers.

    Oh- and I heard Walden is VERY difficult.... Any comments regarding that?
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    Uh oh, I just looked ln the AZ board of nursing website for approved NP programs and the only ones listed are GCU, ASU, U of A and UOP... I wonder if those are it... Maybe I'll have to keep the MSN followed by the NP Post Masters Cert as the backup plan...
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    I have been talking with an advisor at Walden and It all sounds good. I am just not real sure. Does anyone going currently have any advice?
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    I am looking at the FNP program at Walden??

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