Anyone attended Washington State University FNP? How did you like the program?

  1. Hello all,

    I was just accepted to WSU's FNP program which I am excited about. However, I am worried that it may not be as clinically focused as I had thought. After perusing the course listing for the FNP, I can see that some of the courses do not look like they would be particularly useful to me as a clinician. The school is also expensive which makes me more nervous. I don't want to spend a lot of money when I don't feel like some of the courses are worth it. I am wondering if anyone knows more about the program, or even better, has first hand experience with it. If so, I would like to hear your thoughts about your experience, good or bad. Do you feel that it has prepared you well for working as a nurse practitioner? Any information at all is appreciated. I guess I just need something to ease my nerves about going back to school.
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  3. by   cwine13
    I was also accepted into WSU for their DNP APH track... I'm not sure if im doing the math correctly but is it really $70,000 for the degree? Also, do you know how long the degree takes to complete?

    Do you have any feedback or advice from others who have attended WSU's DNP Program?

    Sorry for all the questions.... I am excited, but anxious as well....
  4. by   cyzow
    Yes, it is about 70,000, which is quite a bit. I have looked at other DNP programs and some are similar in cost. 50,000-70,0000. I don't know about the APH, but the FNP track takes about 3 years if going full time including summers. I will probably go part-time and plan to finish it in about 4 years. I don't think I could afford full time anyway. I haven't heard from anyone who has attended WSU's DNP yet. When school costs that much you have to consider the salary you will get at the end. I don't want to end up with so much debt that I haven't gotten any further ahead financially. I should have investigated this further. I didn't really add it all up before I applied to the program. Congratulations on your acceptance by the way.
  5. by   Gigi31022
    I am currently attending WSU as a full-time DNP-FNP student. When I was first accepted into the program, like you I reviewed the list of classes and was worried that it would not prepare me as a great clinician. Then, I noticed that over half of the classes are clinical based such as prescribing, pharmacology, diagnostics, etc. By the title of some of the classes, it's hard to tell if it's clinical based or not until you actually speak to the staff there. I was also worried about the tuition. However, after being in the program for 3 semesters now, I recalculated the cost of the DNP program, it came up to about $50,000 instead of $70,000. Since I attend full-time, my tuition average at about $8000 for Fall and Spring semester. Summer semester was a little over $4000 and thats still full-time. If you do the math, thats about $20,000 per year at a full-time rate (in state/resident tuition). The program is actually 2.5 years long if one attends full-time. Also, after planning out my school/class schedule for the whole program, even after attending full time, the last .5 year/2 semester must be attended as a part time student because there are no other classes to take, which means tuition is much less for the last 2 semester. Also, there are lots of scholarships offered to graduate students there. The program is intensive, but prepares you as a well-respected clinician. Also, you have the option of doing the "Masters in Passing" while working on your DNP. This allows you to take the exam and be certified and practice as an ARNP while you are working on your DNP. If it makes you feel better, the professors/instructors there are very knowledgeable with years of experiences. If you have questions, feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them. Good luck everyone!
  6. by   Gigi31022
    I want to add that the APH track may be different. It is always best to ask the staff. Take care!
  7. by   MissRN2013
    Hey everyone! This is great information! I am interested in applying at WSU in a year or so. Is this an online program? Does WSU place you in clinical spots or do you have to find your own preceptors? Thank you and congratulations to you!
  8. by   aprilai
    Hello thanks for the great info Gigi. How many days do you spend in class? I currently live in Seattle and would like to stay in Seattle most of the duration of schooling to save money on living cost as I have a mortgage here. I know the program has 2 immersion days a semester and I plan to commute for those days.

  9. by   jensfbay
    Has anybody in the thread started or finished the program? I'd love to hear any feedback. thanks