Anyone apply to USF NP program 2013?

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    Hello! I applied to the NP program for this fall. The deadline was last week and they said it would take weeks/months before they let people know if they got in or not. Has anyone applied? Anyone heard anything yet? Just thought we could start a thread about it and see when people start hearing!

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    Did you mean the University of South Florida?
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    Do you mean USF Tampa? I am applying there too. I think we should hear about 4-6 weeks after deadline so mid to late March(hopefully).
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    I applied to the FNP program at USF as well for fall 2013 but STILL have not heard back yet. I am getting very very nervous. Has anyone heard back?
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    I got in for PNP. Found out around third week of march. FNP is competitive so that may be why no word.
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    I also applied to FNP and haven't heard yet... fingers crossed!!
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    I applied for the adult-gero acute care program and haven't heard a thing. I have one friend on the wait list for adult-gero primary care and another friend who was accepted weeks ago into the family program.
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    still waiting to hear...
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    Me too. I'll post if I get any news.
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    Hi everyone!!! I'll be starting in January and was wondering how everyone is doing?

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