Anyone accepted to MUSC DNP Program for Fall 2011? Anyone accepted to MUSC DNP Program for Fall 2011? | allnurses

Anyone accepted to MUSC DNP Program for Fall 2011?

  1. 0 Hey Guys!! Just wondering if anyone out there is attending MUSC DNP program for Fall 2011? I just found out today that I got in!! I'm in the FNP specialty. If anyone is going and would like to get acquainted, please reply to my post and we can exchange email addresses. If anyone is currently enrolled, where do students from out of state stay for orientation and required visits? Thanks!
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    Hello, I am currently enrolled at MUSC's DNP program with an FNP focus. The school should send you and information packet about summer orientation. It lists hotels around campus. There are some within walking distance from campus. You can message me for more details if you like. Congrats on getting accepted!
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    Thank you Naija!! I'm so relieved I found somone in the program. How do you like it? I am so excited I was accepted, however I also applied to Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. I've seen a lot of wonderful reviews on FSMFN, but no reviews at all on MUSC. So, before I pay my fees to MUSC, I really wanted an honest opinion of the program.. it is costly! Haha. Do you think I'm making a good decision going (MUSC)? Thanks so much!
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    No personal experience, but I have a former professor who went to teach there and loves it. She said that faculty feel very supported by the Dean and administration and they in turn are supportive of students.

    I think you would be fine either way. I recommend going to both schools, meeting and talking with faculty and students before making that commitment. Picking a grad school that is not a good fit can be a costly mistake and make one of the best experiences of your life miserable.

    Congratulations and good luck!
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    Well of course I will be biased since I'm going to MUSC lol. But I do enjoy it and believe it's a good school. The faculty respond quickly to questions and are supportive. The only complaint that I've heard is for the practice inquiry project (you'll learn about that soon). We start on it during the second semester and some feel it should not be until later in the program. I am fine with it. Patho is the first semester and the instructor is a physician who goes very indepth with the material. I loved the course! I don't know anything about the FSMFN program, just research each program and figure out which is best for you. Good luck!!
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    I got my BSN from MUSC and think it is a really great school. I did not consider them for my MSN because they do not offer my specialty track. My only complaint was there was a lot of inconsistency between instructors on how they used WebCT. Hopefully this has improved by now. I can understand letting each instructor design the class the way they want, but it makes it hard to follow as a student when each class is set up so differently. Maybe the graduate courses are better since they are only online, anyone know? However, the faculty are very supportive of students and the Dean does a great job running the school.
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    Hi OBluv19,

    I was also accepted to MUSC DNP Program for fall 2011 . Nice to meet someone who will also be in the program. I would love to get acquainted with a fellow classmate so if you decide to go to MUSC, lets exchange information. Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Congrats to all that go in for this Fall!! I am praying hard that I am able to get in. I was selected as an alternate; so there is still some glimmer of hope I can get in. I'm very happy for everyone that did get in; that's such a HUGE accomplishment! Good luck in your studies.
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    Congrats to everyone! I am on the alternate list too, does anyone know how many alternates are expected to get in? I called and they said they accepted 79 and had 30 alternates. Thanks!
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    Blashonda, lets exchange information. I will be attending MUSC in the fall.
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    Hi OBluv19, glad you decided on MUSC, I think we both have made a great decision to attend MUSC this fall. As far as exchanging information, I don't think I have enough posts to private message you so if you send me a private message I will send you my information.
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    Haha! Currently, I do not have enough post to private message either. Therefore, here's my email: Hear from you soon!
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    Just wondering if any alternates hagve been contacted yet?