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  1. MUSC CRNA 2024

    Has anyone heard anything since they emailed out saying we would find out about interviews by November 17th?
  2. Hi all! Just checking in to see who all is applying to MUSC for their DNP this fall. I am applying for PMHNP full-time. Has anyone gotten their acceptance? If so, what was the time frame of receiving a decision? Thanks and good luck!
  3. MUSC CRNA 2024

    Hi all, I haven't seen a thread yet for MUSC CRNA's program yet! I applied this year and was told we will find out if we got an interview by this Friday, November 17th! Good luck to everyone who applied! 🙂
  4. MUSC CRNA Interviews 2023

    Hello, I just wanted to start a thread for everyone who applied to the CRNA program at MUSC in South Carolina for Summer 2023. Has anyone heard anything about an interview yet?
  5. The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) was established in 1824 as a private college for the purpose of training physicians. In 1913, the state of South Carolina took over control and MUSC is now a public university. The College of Nursi...
  6. MUSC ABSN Fall 2023

    Hey everyone, I was just admitted to MUSC's ABSN program for this fall and wanted to start a thread since I did not see one yet! Anyone else admitted and planning on accepting their spot? Has anyone seen a FB group? Any prior students have thoughts o...
  7. MUSC CRNA 2022

    Just wanted to start a page for the MUSC program for 2022!
  8. MUSC ABSN FALL 2022

    I wanted to start a thread for students accepted to the MUSC ABSN program for fall 2022. I was just accepted for the priority deadline. I'm from Northern California and won't know anyone in Charleston!