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I wanted to start a thread for students accepted to the MUSC ABSN program for fall 2022. I was just accepted for the priority deadline. I'm from Northern California and won't know anyone in Charleston!

Congrats on acceptance!! I was too and also won't know anyone, but Charleston is such a great place and I am sure we'll meet lots of great people!

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Oh OK that's nice. How do I get there please?

I applied regular decision for Fall 22’ ABSN! I still haven’t heard back but I was wondering if anyone else has ?

I also applied for regular admission for Fall 22' but I still haven't heard of anything from them yet.


I applied for fall 22 for regular decision and still haven't heard back yet either. the site says approximately a month after the deadline, so maybe they had more applications than expected so its taking a little longer? once anyone gets a decision please let us know, thanks!

Congrats!! I also applied for Fall 2022 regular decision and haven't heard back. I looked on the site again and it now says about a month and a half after the deadline so maybe they needed some more time. 

I applied regular decision for Fall 2022 and I just got accepted!! Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back!

I just received my acceptance as well. Good luck to everyone!!

I also received my acceptance!! Good luck!

I've received mine as well! anyone know the precise cost of the program?

On 2/22/2022 at 9:56 AM, genesisboosh said:

I've received mine as well! anyone know the precise cost of the program?

I only found a tuition table on their website for full time BSN... So maybe it is the same for ABSN.

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