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Hi! I got the call I was accepted in to USC's FNP program. I will be starting Fall 2017. Just wanted to reach out to anyone who is currently in the program or got accepted as well :cat:... Read More

  1. by   renzlao
    Quote from TPI RN
    Renzlao one more question for you. Were any scholarships available for the bridge course since it's not eligible for federal aid?
    Unfortunately No. I am an international student and I am paying everything with my personal funds. God help me. lol

    There were scholarships application for the bridge, those were for Permanent residents and citizens which I do not qualify. I am on a TN 1 status as a Canadian citizen.
  2. by   TPI RN

    I'm sorry to hear that! Good luck with the program. I hope you do well and can find funding somehow Thanks again for being so helpful.
  3. by   blessednurse2
    Sorry to hear that as well. You have made a wise decision choosing the program and I'm sure all will go well for you. Thank you for your insight.
  4. by   CaneRN
    I've been looking at this program a lot and I am glad so many people have given thoughts etc. I know this was brought up previously in the discussion, but for those of you that applied/are in the program, is the cost really justified? Again, I say this as someone who is interested in applying, but ~90k seems to be a lot. I guess I'm trying to decide for myself if that price is a good investment long term when other programs seem to be a good bit less. Maybe it really is that good. I'm not criticizing, just looking for ideas as to why the price is warranted. Of course, cost for one person and the means to go about it are different for everyone. Thanks!
  5. by   blessednurse2
    Yes, the price is steep! I am hoping to do loan repayment program, work for a County clinic. It is a private institution and they charge a lot of money. I am applying to other programs as well. However I know people who have gone thru their PA and CRNA programs and they are top notch providers. Good luck with your decision, it is not an easy one. I researched many many schools and USC is one of my choices of four.
  6. by   CaneRN
    Thank you. Yes, I've been very impressed with what I've read and my interactions with individuals involved with the program. I'm just having some trouble wrapping my brain around the total, haha.
  7. by   renzlao
    Here is my honest opinion. Some employer won't care about where you got your NP degree. Most only care about your license and experience. I've seen only one health system who posted on their website specifically not accepting for profit online NP degrees.

    But I picked USC because I wanted to be in USC. A chance of being a Trojan is something I consider worth it lol I'm staying in Southern California though. I'd like to network and possibly enter into research or getting involve with legislative process in advancing the roles of nurse practitioners , I believe USC will help me do that.

    It isn’t a walk in the park. I initially wanted to do full time. Now, after one semester I’m staying part time. One course requires a lot of prep. When I’m not studying, I keep on thinking what I needed to study today, tomorrow and the next lol The program gives me a bit of a push to study more. Hopefully, this will help me prep for clinical and be a better provider.

    I did save for one year to pay for grad school as a nurse traveler. I’m still traveling now until clinicals start. I’m back to living like a college student. Room mates, less clothes, no travel and certainly no other extra curricular. I’m on a budget haha
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  8. by   CaneRN
    Sound advice!
  9. by   RN0425
    All of your comments have been so helpful in making the decision to attend USC's online FNP program. I just applied to the Fall 2018 start date. Anyone else?? Would love to hear from everyone who is already in the program and if they would still recommend USC.