Anyone accepted into USC (southern california) FNP program? - page 5

Hi! I got the call I was accepted in to USC's FNP program. I will be starting Fall 2017. Just wanted to reach out to anyone who is currently in the program or got accepted as well :cat:... Read More

  1. by   blessednurse2
    Yes, TPI I am applying to the program as well. Just trying to put together the best application possible. Also applying to other programs as well.
  2. by   renzlao
    I actually just started. Its a lot of work but its doable. I have to take the bridge first. If I get 80% of the class, then I can continue with the program.

    Quote from TPI RN
    renzlao how are you liking the program so far?Are you able to start the bridge course simultaneously with first semester courses or does it have to be completed ahead of everything?

    I'm in the process of applying to the program. Thanks for the info!
  3. by   TPI RN
    Best of luck blessednurse2. Perhaps we'll be classmates here soon
  4. by   TPI RN
    Thanks for the feedback renzlao. Good luck with the bridge course!