Any NP programs that use the medical model?

  1. 0 I am a pretty big fan of the medical model, but I wouldn't want to be a PA. I've been told there are CRNA schools that teach outside the nursing model. Are there NP programs that do this as well?
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    Summit, I wondered the same. I know in CA, NPs and PAs are being trained together. No additional information, sorry!
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    I have yet to hear a clear distinction between the nursing model and the medical model. However, if you have some intrensic inclination to the medical model, I too have heard of programs that teach NPs and PAs together.
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    The medical model is biological, while the nursing model is biopsychosocial. No, you won't find any NP programs who use the medical model. If you prefer it, then go to medical or PA school
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    I am curious as to why you do not want to be a PA?
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    Quote from tills
    I am curious as to why you do not want to be a PA?
    Since I'm a BSN RN, more prereqs for PA, less autonomy as a PA
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    that's understandable, though I think autonomy depends on what state you work in as each have different laws. Each (NP and PA) have their pros/cons, I'm debating on which route I want to take.

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