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ADN to MSN Family Nurse Practitioner programs online

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    I am currently an RN with an ADN. I am located in Charleston, SC. After seven years of nursing I am ready to go for my FNP. I am all set to go get my BSN but started to think about the possibilities of doing a bridge program. I have not had the chance to do a whole lot of research yet but wanted to throw it out there. Does any one know of some good distance RN with ADN to MSN/FNP programs out there? I figure I could possibly save a lot of time doing it this way. I would be willing to drive to the campus if it is not too far away and too frequent. I was looking at one program and it was 850 a semester hour. In my opinion that is too much. I would like to keep the cost to under 500 a semester hour. Are there disadvantages to do it this way later on? I know I will not have a BSN but does that really matter once I have an MSN/FNP? Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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    The University of South Alabama offers a program allowing an RN with an associate degree obtain their BSN/MSN.
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    Frontier has a bridge program. It now is advertised as going to the DNP, but I think you can step out at the MSN level if you want. I recall a few others when I was doing my research as well, but I don't have those links anymore.
    There are quite a few other programs that bridge you to a MSN of some sort, but they aren't NP programs.

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