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Acceptance into NP school with Bachelor's pending?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of schools that will accept your application for NP school while your bachelor's is pending, of course with the stipulation you maintain certain GPA and have graduated by the start of school???

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    When I was accepted to University of Arkansas MNSc Program, FPMHNP track, when I had a pending BSN. They gave me conditional admission, this was in April and I am now half way through my first semester. I would contact the school you are interested in and see what their policy is. I think it is fairly common to give conditional admission if all other admission criteria is met.
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    When I was finishing my BSN and looking into my MSN/FNP programs, I was told by numerous people that I had to have my degree posted before I could apply. I applied anyway and was accepted. I think it really depends on the programs, your GPA, academic history, etc.
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    Wow, I thought I had to finish my degree first. I will look into it. Thanks.
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    No you do not have to graduate first. However, you cant have two years left and then try to apply to grad school. Some grad schools onlyallow an application to stay open for two terms.
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    I was almost finished my BSN when I applied to grad school. They held my application until I provided a letter form the school certifying that I had finished, but before I received my diploma.
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    Saint Louis University and Drexel are two I am sure of. You can apply pending graduation. Good luck!

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