Going back to school in fall 06

  1. hi,

    I'm going back to school in the fall, but currently working as a nurse aide at a local hospital. I have the first 2 years of my bsn, have to go back for the next 2 years. I took two years off in between, so I have to remember alot of what I learned two years ago. I'm excited and somewhat nervous at the idea of going back to school. I'm not exactly the normal age to be a college student. Yet, looking at the forums here, I've noticed alot of people who received their degrees in their 30's and 40's so it gives me hope. Anyway, feel free to post a reply, i'd like to hear from my fellow south dakotans, i will be checking.

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  3. by   usdsu
    i am on my way to launch myself for accelerated bsn at usdsu thie fall 2006 after a gap of few years. i am very sure you should be fine and you will see alot of ppl of same age too. there is no point to feel down. cheers!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   akira72
    hi usdsu

    i think i'll see alot of ppl my age too. i'm feeling more comfortable with going back to school.:spin: so how long is your accelerated program? And why did you choose nursing? just curious
  5. by   usdsu
    nice to hear from you. the accelerated bsn is a 12-month program at sioux falls. i was kinda tired working in the lab with rabbits and rats. and was looking for a job with public interaction. i found my job much more isolated. but that was not the only reason to jump into nursing. i was very much interested in the health related profession too. nursing has alot of work opportunities.. and being a male will be an extra advantage in this field. i am very positive that i will find my way to move upwards in this field.

    are you from sioux falls too?? do you practice in hospital? which one??
  6. by   akira72

    i agree nursing has alot of work opportunities, i'm working at an IHS hospital, I mainly screen patients to be seen by the provider, i'm located in central south dakota. i enjoy the experience of working with actual people, instead of reading everything out of a book and practicing on other nursing students.:spin:
  7. by   usdsu
    hey akira
    its been a while. i had been so busy. and tomorrow i have interview for loan forgiveness program. i am kinda nervous and dont know what types of questions should i expect in the interview.. keep in touch.
  8. by   akira72

    how did your interview go? did you get the loan? I've had to postpone going back to college for financial reasons, but I'm not giving up, I will try again for next fall or possibly this spring. so what are your summer plans?
  9. by   usdsu
    Hi akira,
    the interview went fine but the final decision will be made on or before 23 of june by hospital. i am hoping i should get it. i will be taking nutrition and statistics this summer so it will be a busy summer. whats ur summer plans??
  10. by   akira72

    my summer plans are to have fun, there is a concert in july i want to go to, also do some traveling, i love to travel, other than that i'm open to new adventures. so you have to take classes this summer, i took both those classes......i'd have to say stats was a challenge......but it sounds like your up to it.