Where should I live? West Ashley or Summerville? Where should I live? West Ashley or Summerville? | allnurses

Where should I live? West Ashley or Summerville?

  1. 0 I am moving to 1 of those places in March. Any idea which is best? We looked at a ton of apartments today but we have to make a decision off of just that! Ha Thanks
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    I would pick West Ashley over Summerville.
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    Any kids? Where are you gonna be working?
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    Totally depends if you have school aged kids and where you're working. School age kids? Working at Trident? Summerville for sure. Working at MUSC? No kids? West Ashley.

    I have a child and work at MUSC and make the commute from Summerville strictly for the schools.
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    No kids yet and either Trident or MUSC...and we only plan on living there for a year or so before buying a house.
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    I lived in West Ashley for a year and really liked it. I had no kids at the time, so it was a alright place. Summerville can be a lengthy drive with traffic.
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    My sister lives in Summerville her daughter lives in Goose Creek and moved there from West Ashley. Neither of them go into Chas. very often and when they do they take the back roads rather than the interstate.
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    Well I chose west ashley for a year and musc

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