Where are the lpn schools in or near Charleston,SC

  1. 0 I am possibly moving to SC and would like to know where are the LPN schools in or near Charleston, SC?
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    There is Trident Tech that is in Charleston (www.tridenttech.edu) which has a looooooonnnnnng waiting list, and you can also get your RN there too, but the list is long for both programs. Then there is Orangeburg tech (www.octech.edu) which is in Orangeburg, SC. It is a bit of a drive from Charleston (at LEAST 60 miles) but they dont have a waiting list. you have to apply every year, then they take the top 50 or 60 people. I went there for my LPN and loved it! Good luck!
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    There's a program at Horry Georgetown Tech which is based at their Conway campus right now. Its about 2 hours drive from Charleston. They are supposed to be moving it to Myrtle Beach soon though. Good luck to you!!!
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    Thank you for your quick responses!

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