Where are all you SC nurses?

  1. You never here much from nurses in SC. Are there not that many on this board or have I just missed you all?
    It would be nice to hear about experiences here in SC.
    Perhaps we should introduce ourselves.
    I am a student in Charleston, just moved here with my family to attend nursing school. We plan on staying here after I graduate instead of moving back to Myrtle Beach.

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  3. by   mawbellRn2Bn04
    Hi i just thought i would share a little about myself. I too am a student and i attend Roane State community college in Harriman, TN and will receive my A.S. of Rn in may.

    I was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am 32 yrs old and married to a wonderful man of almost 12 yrs of marriage now. I came to East TN to go to UT with a major of Business Education(hey im still gonna be a teacher right?) I decided after 3 yrs of schooling that i hated business classes and that if I was going to be a stay at home mom, what good would a degree to me? LITTLE DID I KNOW! LOL

    Anyhow needless to say, I have both of my kids in school now and this was just perfect timing(with the good Lords help all the way) to go back to school.

    I live in harriman, TN but i lived in knoxville for 10 yrs. I would really like to get into NICU or intermediate care nursery when i graduate, and i would like to get back home to my hometown and family in Myrtle Beach or near there.

    Well enough said and nice to meet you! Tracy
  4. by   RedVaz
    I also stated out as an Education major but I quickly changed my mind after spending time in the schools and talking to the teachers. Many were very dissatified- both with working conditions and pay.
    I'm originally from upstate NY-we moved to Myrtle Beach for the ocean and the weather. I don't miss the snow at all. We just moved to Charleston in August so I can finsh up my degree-did all my prepreq's in MB.
    We have 3 kids-12, 10 and 5. My youngest just started CD-4-very good timing.
    From what I can tell about Charleston after living here for less than 3 months, the working conditions and living conditions for non-tourists (locals) are much better here! LOL
    Nice to meet you-thanks for the reply!
  5. by   ladyjane
    my dream is to move to charleston! that is my ultimate goal. have loved the area for years. i need the ocean for the peace and centering it gives to me.
  6. by   twinRN04
    Hey RedVaz,
    I reallly would love to move to Charleston when i graduate from an ADN program in NC. I want to work at MUSC...where are you getting your degree? I am planning on getting my RN-BSN while I'm down there...any advice? I really can't wait, i LOVE CHarleston and some of my family lives there. I graduate in May 04 so i'm trying to line up things now...can't wait to get out of Greensboro!!! I have no kids and no husband so i'm ready to go..let me know how it is!!!
  7. by   catz
    hey can i join in here even though i am still a uk nurse? i have family in spartanburg and landrum and come visit often. as a student i worked in greenville childrens hosp for a month. i intend to get my niclex n get moved out there to yall in sc but tis prooving difficult atm.

    i havent been to myrtle in years, i was a kid last time, but from wat i remember it was an ace place. went to edwinstow island last year for a few days, n of course shopping in charleston. i think yall are sooo lucky to live in such a nice place as sc.
  8. by   mawbellRn2Bn04
    Hi Catz,

    So you live in the UK? thats too cool. Are you from there orig. or moved there after the fact? I was born and raised in Myrtle Beach and i live in TN now.. Boy i sure miss my home! whaaaa! You would be amazed how BIG myrtle has gotten and what all we have there now! simply amazing it is! Well take care and thanks for coming over and posting in the SC forum!
    Tracy ) class of 2004 AS of Nursing
  9. by   RedVaz
    Hi Catz & twinRN04!

    Catz- I'm starting the accelerated BSN program at MUSC in January. I haven't any actual nursing classes. I haven't even taking CPR yet-waiting until it's closer to school-then it won't expire while I'm studying for a final exam!
    MUSC has an RN to BSN program and an online RN-BSN. I know Charleston Southern has a BSN program, but I don't know if they offer an Rn to BSN. However, if you get a job at MUSC i know you will get a discount on at least the application fee for the program-perhaps they will help you out paying for classes too.
    You can check on job openings at MUSC through their site: www. musc.edu, just click on human resources.
    Good luck!

    I'm so jealous of you guys! Already graduated or graduating in spring 04! I haven't even started classes yet, just finishing prereqs and i won't even graduate until may 2005. That seems so far away!!!!!!
    How did you end up in England?! I've never even been out of the country-not that I wouldn't love to. Good luck on moving back here. The coast is great-but I'm not a big fan of SC gov't. Being on the coast is great enough that I'll put up with it though.
    Like mawbellRn2Bn04 said, you would be amazed at MB if you haven't been there sinceyou were a kid. I lived there from 1995 to 2003 and it is very differnt from when i first got there.
    Anyway-welcome to SC, hopefully you will be here someday soon in person!
  10. by   SCNuttyMeg
    Hey SC,

    Just wanted to say hello to all the fellow nurses and future nurses. I'm a new nurse. I just graduated with a BSN in May. I see that most of yall are from the charleston area, any one in the columbia area? I also wanted to say that Lander University has a RN-BSN online, Its been a very successful program. Good Luck to Everyone

  11. by   RedVaz
    Hi SCNuttyMeg!

    Welcome to the SC board!


    :roll :spin:
  12. by   catz
    i could have sworn i replied in here last week............clearly not lol.

    i was born n bred in northern ireland, belfast, and moved to england to do my nurse training. i am still here. i came to spartanburg as part of their irish childrens program and stayed with a family whom i have since called my american family lol. i wish they were really related but i digress. i have wanted to move out there ever since that first visit when i was 11. plan was to finish school then move, then to do my training n not work here. then to get experience here while i did niclex.........still here.

    i did work in a hosp in greenville for 4 weeks as a student, was part of my course to go n nurse in a different country to compare means of health care delivery. i really enjoyed it.
  13. by   P_RN
    I haven't checked in here in quite awhile. Glad to see all you SC Nurses and future nurses. I finished USC-Columbia 29 years ago and worked in Cola until 1999.

    I am retired now due to a disability, but I still love nursing. If I can answer any questions feel free to PM me. I love Charleston too, some of my family also lives there.

    Nice seeing all of you.

  14. by   FullMoonMadness
    I am in Myrtle Beach, but am considering moving to the Charleston area. I was there this past week and fell in love. Currently brainstorming on a job. Don't get me wrong, I love M.B. but there is a different atmosphere in Charleston, and I am sooo tired of driving on 501!

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