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Trident Technical College and MAGNET

  1. 0 Okay, for all of those future/current RN students that are going to Trident Technical College. I will let you in on a little secret that Trident Tech is not telling you about... I graduated in December 2011. This program is very hard, and about 25% of the original class will graduate on time. The secret is called MAGNET! Currently MUSC, Roper Hospital, St. Francis (currently holds Magnet status), VA hospital are all currently preparing for this. The problem for an ADN is in order for these hospitals to get this status 80% of your nurses have to be a BSN. It took me 6 months to find a job, I have years of hospital experience, and it is not at a hospital. Yes, there are some (very few) ADN new grads that got a job in some of these facilities, but it was because they worked there as a CNA or knew someone. There are MANY cases of ADN grads working as a CNAs in these facilities when they are an RN, waiting on a job to open up (6 months - 1 year), got passed over, and they never got hired! Please be advised go BSN if you live in the Charleston area and are planning to stay, do not waste your time. Too many ADN nurses are not getting jobs and are being passed over for BSN.
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    i am starting at trident in the fall... i have a bs in biology, and passed up on MUSC due to the price tag. I have experience as a CNA and I am a certified Pharmacy Tech with a couple years of experience. I plan on enrolling in an rn-bsn the day I pass boards. do you think I will be okay? I am good at networking and plan on doing that so i can get a job out of the box, even if it takes volunteering while in school.
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    MUSC does not count volunteer time unless it's paid experience. Your plan is good, just have a back up plan. Jumping into the RN-BSN program is very wise. While you are in the program, you can sit for the LPN license after NUR209. The biggest deal will be to get paid work experience as a licensed nurse.
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    Very true post. I am in Charleston SC.. I am an RN currently with 5 years experience. I have gone back to school for RN to BSN with 6 months until I graduate with my BSN.
    Take heed, be ahead of the wave instead of behind it. Be proactive.
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    Quote from goldilockz
    MUSC does not count volunteer time unless it's paid experience. Your plan is good, just have a back up plan. Jumping into the RN-BSN program is very wise. While you are in the program, you can sit for the LPN license after NUR209. The biggest deal will be to get paid work experience as a licensed nurse.
    They don't count volunteer time for what, exactly? To get in to their program?
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    I just graduated from this school, December 2012. It was tough as hell! But I make a darn good nurse
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    just spoke with an rn-bsn program professor who said I can be accepted to their bsn with provisional acceptance prior to and pending my passing the nclex, so I am able to say that to potential employers! the way MUSC words their job postings (saying bsn or willing to get within a year) make me hopeful
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    Do you know if it is hard to get in the LPN to RN program? I have my associates degree and a 3.0 for pre-req courses? My school is making me jump through hoops to transition and I am ready to move on.
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    I truthfully think you are scaring people away from Trident Technical College. I am currently going to TTC and am very proud of the progress I have made. I work in a hospital as a CNA and no job is guaranteed at all! A lot of hospitals are signing on new nurses as long as they continue on for their BSN. Some people do not have the time or money to attend a BSN program from start to finish, so for me TTC is an amazing great choice. I don't think it is your position to talk down on a school just because you CANT get a job.
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    Honestly i wouldn't let this scare you away from TTC's program. Most hospitals are not going for the nurse fresh out of nursing school regardless of where it is that you graduated from. While of course they will have new nurse positions available please note that you're not the only recent grad from a nursing program. Besides i'm pretty sure that most of us are planning on continuing our education anyways.
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    I am an RN at MUSC and our floor is hiring new grad ADNs. The hospital was recently under some financial pressure which has now some what subsided. So they may start doing more hiring now. There is a lot of competition for each position that is posted.I believe half of the battle for new RNs is passing the peer interview. If you seem like someone who will be easy to get along with, ask questions and has the right response for the scenarios they give you. You should have a better shot at landing a position.
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    I am a recent grad of TTC's ADN program and just passed the NCLEX-RN. I have just started my job search, but I know a lot of my classmates have already landed jobs here in the Charleston area, some even before passing the NCLEX. The hospitals where they work require them to sign up for a BSN program within two years of hire. Frankly, I don't agree with the comment the TTC "is not telling" its students that the program is very rigorous and that BSNs are usually preferred for jobs. I myself didn't feel mislead and was even counseled by several of my instructors to continue my education after finishing the program. One thing I can say for Trident Tech is that ALL the classmates I know have passed the NCLEX since we graduated less than two months ago. The vast majority passed with only 75 questions. I know TTC's ADN program is not easy by any stretch, but if you make it through the program, you will be well prepared for your nursing career. Another huge plus for me: no student loan debt to pay back! Good luck to all of you and stay positive!
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    Yes, I have heard through the grapevine that many of the hospitals were putting the BSN requirement in the contracts.
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