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Hello! So I graduate in May and the next day after graduation I'm moving from Boston to Charleston! I'm interviewing at MUSC for some "Registered Nurse I" new grad positions. Does anyone know the current pay rate for new grads... Read More

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    live4rachael- I'd love to pick your brain! I just got accepted to MUSC's Fall 09 BSN program and have scared the crap out of myself reading all the horror stories on forums about how difficult nursing school is. I thought just getting accepted was difficult! They said they had 366 applicants for 60 postions. Heavens! I worry it will be difficult for me because I am married with a 5 year old. Will I ever see my boys again? How gruelling is it, really? You can email me at if you'd like.


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    Kayte - Congrats! I'm sending you an email now.
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    Hey, I just applied as a new graduate to MUSC and I live in Boston as well! I really would like to move to Charleston. How easy was it to get an interview or did you have to call HR to check up on the status of your application?
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    What are the benefits and retirement like at MUSC? Do they have 401k or a pension plan?

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