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I got my acceptance two weeks ago for the Medical University of South Carolina's Accelerated BSN program and will start in January 2009. Yay! I have been working my finances diligently since and am... Read More

  1. by   RosesRN
    pooh so is the total cost of instate tuition for the program around $20k? $5k per semester for four semesters?
  2. by   carolina4
    im graduating from MUSC in May (thank GOD) but really, it's what one might expect. yeah, it's hard, but study..i mean if you get into the program in the first place you must be pretty capable. 1st semester was definitely the most disorganized, but they all are somewhat, which is frustrating but it's so quick that it doesnt REALLY matter. any more questions?
  3. by   tnicolecasey
    I am currently getting my pre-req's in another state and I am planning to move back to SC (I grew up there but have been away for 5 years). Is it really as hard to get into as people say? I have pretty good grades in all my Nursing pre-req's but will have to take the ACT again bc its been over 5 years. What do you think is most important?

    Also were you available to work any?

  4. by   live4rachael
    My SAT scores were from 1995 and that was just fine... if your scores are good you won't need to re-take it.
    Several people in our class have jobs on the weekends. I don't currently, but am looking to get one next semester because I think I'll be able to handle it, now that I've gotten the flow of things.
  5. by   Tiger95
    I would love any/all advice from those that were admitted into the program. I have a BS in Business and have been working in Finance for 14 years. I'm currently working on my Biology pre-req's at TTC and will be applying to MUSC in Feb 2010 to start in the fall. I have started volunteering at the Hollings Cancer Center and have other leadership roles in my past. My SAT scores are from 1990 and my GPA from Clemson is not great! I've been told by the ladies in Admissions to work on my grades so I'm hoping with a 4.0 in current classes, my grades from 15 years ago will be compensated for. With all that being said, does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can do to strengthen my application? I've joined TTC's Student Nurses Association and the National Association. Thanks!!!

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