Looking to move to SC from Boston

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    I'm thinking of moving to SC in the next year or two from Boston.
    Can anyone please give me any advise as to where I should move, and work.
    I would love to live inland from the coast, not a poor community, or a very expensive community, some where in the middle.
    I will hopefully be an RN by then.
    I have read some posts about the jobs, and it's a little scary, also the base pay too.
    I have read that for new grad's it about $22. that's a little scary compared to Boston, but I have also seen that the houses are more affordable!
    Any advice would be great!

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    I just graduated in December and relocated to Greenville, SC about 3 weeks ago. I absolutely love it here! I'm originally from Pittsburgh so the weather is definitely an improvement as I'm sure it will be for you over Boston weather too. I was just offered a position at a hospital as well so I'm very pleased. Greenville isn't an expensive city and is more middle class. It is just a gorgeous place to live.

    One downfall right now at least is job difficulty. There are quite a few nursing schools in Greenville so there are many new grads and RNs and few jobs, especially in this economy. I was lucky to get a job with one interview before I even take the NCLEX. I'm not sure if it's like that around the rest of the state though.

    I lived in the Baltimore/DC area during nursing school which was extremely expensive so this is truly a nice breath of fresh air. Rent, groceries, gas, etc. are all a TON cheaper. My starting salary is around $22 like you said but again it compensates for the low cost of living.

    Good luck with your decision!! You're going to LOVE it here! :redpinkhe
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    Thank you so much,
    It does look so beautiful down there, and I wish you the best of luck with your career!
    Good for you for getting a job before the exam.
    Best wishes! and thank you again for your quick respond!!
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    Greenville is a nice place to live.

    Fort Mill is also nice and you could work in Charlotte if you lived here.

    Pay down here is lower and jobs are hard to get, but it's a great place to live.
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    Thank you for your input, I'll check into these towns!
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    moved here myself from new england,,,the pay is definitely lower by quite a bit,,the cost of living is lower tho,,,,RN for 37 yrs making $27/hr in the myrtle beach area. the area is beautiful tho.
    nursing jobs are extremely limited in this area.
    i do wish you best of luck in your search.
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    You will be paid less but of course everything down here is cheaper also. So it all evens out. The two main coastal areas are Charleston, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC. But there are more.. Charleston is absolutely gorgeous but I have no idea on the job market or how much the housing is but I will tell you the cost of housing will be more close to coastal areas. As everyone else has said, Those areas they mentioned are nice. They are not near the beach except for the Myrtle Beach one. All are within maybe 2,3-4 hours depending which one(beach) you go to. I hope this makes since, I trying to write fast, I have loads of homework and some quiz's to do. You will like here especially if you have Harley-- because of the weather. If you don't you will still love it.
    I am in nursing school now myself and have no idea what the job market will be like when I finish. New nurses -- I have concluded that inexperienced nurses will make less and experienced ones will make more but I suppose thats how it should be. They have paid their dues. What that amount is,I don't know and it does depend on if you work at the hospitals or a doctors office.
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    Greenvillae, Spartanburg. ANderson shour be s good fit.
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    I agree, Greenville and Anderson areas are nice...... Not Big city but has the accomodations.
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    Remember that smaller cities have fewer hospitals. I know students who have graduated and are being told no one is hiring in the Gville area. Now they are new grads and that is a problem everywhere now but the Gville/Spartanburg area has around 6 nursing schools in the area. Gville Tech, Spartanburg Tech, Piedmont Tech, Tri County tech, USC Upstate, Clemson and Im sure I am missing a few here and there. Most of those who were offered job recieved them during clinical rotations. With 6 schools and only a few hospitals they are all tied in with fresh students who have done clinicals. But not being a new grad you may be fine.

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