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I know after the 1st semester (from what I've been told), you can work as a student Nurse Tech at the hospital. I'm just curious as to what the range is for that, and/or what you made as a student... Read More

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    .50 more when I work night shift
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    I work in Augusta GA...close to SC...I make $11.72 an hour during the day and $13.72 if I work worth it
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    Techs can apply after RN fundamentals , they have a check off list just like a new grad. for caths, baths, etc. Some hospitals offer classes one or two half days a week. Frankly I love Nurse techs they seem to take the job a bit more seriously than some CNA's. But then I'm generalizing here.
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    wow! when i teched i made $8.50/hr im in LA
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    I work at Lexington Medical Center as a SNT base rate 9.27 with shift diffs. Lexington only hires new grad nurses that already work for im lucky I have a job awaiting!!!
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    how many hours do you generally work a week?
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    I wanted to bump this thread because I will be finished with Fundamentals this spring, and I'm going to try to be hired on as a Tech at either Baptist, Lexington or Palmetto Richland (or anywhere else that is hiring in the Columbia area!)...

    Does anyone know what the current pay is for any of these hospitals for nurse techs?
    Do you like being a tech? Any opinions concerning which hospitals are the best to work for?
    Any tips that might help me/new hires be more prepared to be a good tech?

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    Hey lelafin-

    I recently got hired at Palmetto Health Baptist as a Student Nurse Technician.
    My pay will be 9.30/hr plus differentials for PM and nights.

    Wish you luck in job hunting!

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