How much does a RN in SC make?

  1. I am looking into moving to SC in the next couple of years. I am currently a nurse in CT, I have been a nurse for 2 years. I know I would most likely take a pay cut cos the cost of living is cheaper down there, but what would the best guess of hourly wages.
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    A nurse with your experience would expect to make between $20-23/hr in the Upstate area. Facilities in SC are not unionized, and it WILL depend on your location in the state. Obviously larger university teaching hospitals pay more. Check out

    The majority of your cost of living savings will be in housing and property taxes.
    Here's my example:

    $1300-1800 NYC studio apt
    $450/mo 1 bd apt in Greenville SC

    Most starter houses start at around $110k, and you can find McMansions in the 300k range. Taxes are pennies on the dollar from what we pay here in NJ.
  4. by   Jalpr10441
    Thanx...that is not too bad. I currently make $27 an hour working in a big inner city hospital. It sounds cheaper down there than in expensive CT!!
  5. by   missjennmb
    That price for a 1 bedroom might be a bit low. I would say about $600 for a decent 1 bedroom apartment, and $700-800 for a 2-3 bedroom. You can, of course, find rock bottom prices (the lowest I found was $479) but I wouldn't live in some of them unless my husband was an exterminator~

    Still much cheaper here. The purchasing prices are spot on though. I live south of Myrtle Beach a ways, and I bought a 50 yr old 2100SF house for about $95,000 a couple of years ago. With the market slump (2 houses in my neighborhood have been for sale for a YEAR exaggeration) it might even be cheaper.
  6. by   Dee_PICRN
    What about in the Charleston area? Does the pay at MUSC coincide with the increase in housing compared to the rest of the state? I live in NJ and I am thinking of moving also but I have a husband and 3 kids to think about so I need to make sure the move is going to be worth it. My other options are Charlotte, NC or Charlottesville, Va. Any suggestions???
  7. by   FurmanGirl
    I'm not sure about the other states, but Charlotte, NC has a high cost of living, as does Charleston, SC. I'm not sure how they compare to one another. If you take into account the cost of living, Greenville is generally the highest paying. The pay is a little lower in Charleston and doesn't go as far.
  8. by   boykinm
    I currently live in Charleston and I would say the average rent for a two bedroom apt is around 1100$. I have not been able to find a one bedroom apt for less than 850$ (in downtown/ James Island/ Mt Pleasant area)-- i pick these areas because they are in such close proximity to MUSC/ and Roper. I do not know the seasoned nurse salary- but the newer nurse salary has or is about to become 23.05$/ hr I think not counting shift differential. Hope this helps
  9. by   heyheyhey
    I live in Mt. Pleasant which is about at most a 30 mins. drive for me sometimes less for me to work at Charleston depending on traffic. My roommate and I found our two bedroom apt. for $875 a month and it's nice, two bed and two bath. They usually run around $1000 or a little more for a two bedroom when we were first searching but got lucky.
  10. by   AuntieRN
    Im in Myrtle Beach. I know that the new grads here are making about 21.00 an hour. Not sure about seasoned nurses. The cost of living really isnt that much cheaper in my opinion. Groceries are expensive and to me rents cost a bundle....The housing market is in a slump but they are still expensive here at the beach. I also know that there are at least 2 hospitals here with a hiring freeze at the moment...mine being one of them...its beautiful here though. You will not make the money here you make in CT. I know because thats where I am originally from. Good luck and enjoy...
  11. by   pawashrn
    Nursing is not for those you plan to retire on one's income. The cost of living varies from S.C. and CT. depending on what gross product you are evaluating. If you are talking apples to apples S.C. is the clear winner. Just the decrease cost of surviving the winters, in CT.( winter clothing, heating, preparing the car for winter) S.C. doesn't have a true winter.
    Take your average cost of expenditures(clothing, food, housing) and compare those cost. Now, S.C. taxes all items purchased, which I feel is a good thing, because you want to save on taxes, don't purchase anything, it forces you to save. moved from Pgh, Pa.(Steelers) to Greenville, S.C.
  12. by   Jon's sis
    Coming to town with 5 years med/surg experience, offered $22.50/hr base, with med/surg bonus for a hospital in Columbia
  13. by   P_RN
    I've lived in SC all my life save 17 months when my spouse was in the army in Alabama. I don't think the COL here is that different if you leave out heating. My gas/electric bills are pretty much the same year round. In the summer it can get upwards of 104 for days at a time. On the other hand winters are cold (to me) but probably what you'd think of as a cool fall day.In the high 30-40s. Groceries are getting out of sight as is gasoline. Our salaries do NOT compare with CT or any of the NE USA.

    Housing cost has jumped in the rental areas and there are a lot of people who are not able to keep up their house payments....that is sad to me. Fortunately we paid our house off when money wasn't so tight.
  14. by   ArwenEvenstar
    We moved from upstate western NY (outside of buffalo) to the Greenville, SC area about 11 years ago now in 1997. My husband and me are both RN's. My husband was a brand new RN then in 1997, but I was experienced. My initial pay (back then) at a large hospital here in Greenville was a couple dollars more an hour than what I was making in NY. I left the hospital setting in 2004, but my husband is still there. His current pay is high 20's/hr plus shift diff and an extra $8/hr for weekends. (yes, $8.00 extra PER hour for weekends.)

    We found the cost of living SIGNIFICANTLY lower here in SC. Some things have gone up in price in the last 11 years (tons of people have moved to this area!) and this has raised some things, but the cost of living is still generally lower.

    One MAJOR difference is home property taxes. Taxes are so low here it is laughable. We live in a beautiful 2,500 sq foot home in an upper middle class neighborhood and our yearly tax bill is slightly over $1,000!! Back in NY, the tax bill on this house would be an easy $5,000!! Of course, due to the low taxes, a lot of services suck! The school busing situation is pathetic and most people drive their kids as a result. And, of course, the southern school systems are notorious for their not-so-high standards. (Although, I must say that I think there have been improvements in the last 11 years.) Public school teachers and police officers are paid so little down here it is shameful! I'd be more than willing to pay more taxes to give them better pay.

    Electricity is way cheaper. Back in NY we paid about 14 cents a kilowatt hour. Down here we pay about 8 cents a kilowatt hour. SC just about always has the lowest gas prices in the nation. (Right now, 8/27/2008, it is about $3.30 a gallon. Family just told us that gas is still over $4.00 a gallon up there.) We find we spend a lot less money on car repairs because there is so little (really no) snow. In NY you had to regularly have muffler and other repair work done because all the snow and salt literally destroyed the underside of your car. And rusted the body!

    There are random things that cost more down here. Like dental care and veterinary care for example! Who knows why...

    But the bottom line: Compared to upstate western NY, the pay is good down here (for RN's at least!) and the cost of living lower. So it has been a win-win situation for us! Depending on where you are moving to and from though will make a difference. Other areas of SC are more expensive - like the coastal regions. And I think that upstate, western NY has a particularly high cost of living compared to even other areas of NY. So many things must be taken into consideration.
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