Can You Please Give Me Info On Myrtle Beach/ Charleston/ Florence Area Hospitals?

  1. hi there!! i was hoping to gain some information on the hospitals and living areas in general in the myrtle beach--charleston areas. i am an rn in an emergency room in ohio currently, i was hoping to move to the area in another couple years, but with change in family situations we will me moving sooner than i thought. looking for nice neighborhoods that aren't going to break a budget of a nurses wage, good school systems, and a nice place to work. right now i'm making almost $24/hr and was hoping to find something close to that if not more, if you have any input on any of this i would greatly appreciate it. thank you!!
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  3. by   lynswim
    I don't know about the school systems - but we lived in Marion, SC, for several years and loved it. I worked at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence and it was one of the best hospitals I've been to Pay was outstanding, management was supportive, and coworkers were great.
    The closer you get to the ocean, the less hospitals are going to pay.
    Good luck on your move!
  4. by   illusyon831
    what department did you work in there, that's one of the hospitals that i've been looking. one of the nurse recruiters was in touch with me today infact and the pay is right around what i'm making now, so that was a plus!! just trying to look at cities around, we'll be down there in a couple days, but only for a couple days, not enough time to get everywhere. thank you for your reply!! is marion a bigger or smaller city? is it one of them that are being built up with newer developments?
  5. by   P_RN

    This is the official SC information website. It may answer your questions quite well.
  6. by   illusyon831
    thank you for the information, i will check it out, do you by chance know anything about transferring my license?
  7. by   BlueferralRN

    This is the website with links to licensure applications. Ohio is not a member of the Nursing Compact. To bad would have made it much easier for you to transfer your license. In SC all licensing is handled by LLR (labor licensing and regulation). Hope this helps.
  8. by   lynswim
    I worked in the share-the-care program (prn) at McLeod - also in the OR. Loved the neuro floor, 6th east, stroke unit, ortho.
    Marion is a very small town. I don't think the school systems are the best down there, my neighbors had their children in private schools.
  9. by   tj309
    Does anyone know whether or not the hospitals in Florence hire LPNs or new grad LPNs for that matter and if so, what is the salary?

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