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Wish Me Luck!

  1. 0 I have an interview in the morning for a permanent school nurse position! I hope it goes well. I have subbed at this school over the last year and really enjoy the atmosphere. It would be a great fit!
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    Best of luck! This will be my first year as a school nurse, I'm so excited to get started!
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    Thank you! Just finished the interview. I enjoyed it- was totally myself with the three at the table- we even laughed and swapped some stories related to kids, school and nursing.

    I think I'm a good fit. They are interviewing several today so i don't know if they agree or not. I am currently working elsewhere so i am covered if this doesn't work out. Hopefully I will know soon so I can start preparing or save the energy and move in other directions. Either way, today I am going to carry on living my life by going to see a movie!

    Best of luck to you this year! I hope you enjoy it!
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    Good luck! Keep us posted!
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    I got the call today and the school is mine!! I'm so excited!! Can't wait to go in and learn all the details this weeks!!
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    Thanks for all the support!
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    Congratulations!!! Happy for ya!