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Who administers insulin

  1. 0 If you do not have a nurse and do not have a parent available to come in every day at lunch, who administers insulin to severe LD or cross cat children? Teachers, aids, other adults who know how to calculate carb to insulin ratios?
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    We are very fortunate in our district to have a nurse in each school and if we are out to have sub nurses. However, if for some reason there is not a nurse on campus we have designated UDCA's - Unlicensed Diabetic Care Assistants. They are trained at the beginning of the school year with an online program, tested and then perform a skills check off with the nurse before administering any care to students.
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    Depends on the state--different laws/requirements. In Wisconsin, we can train a school employee. We have special ed aides who are trained (by me) and are observed quarterly for evaluation. I'm also a phone call away in case of any questions.
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    How do you find out your state laws regarding this? Our principals and secretaries administer meds but not insulin usually
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    In NYS only nurses are able to administer any meds to children (except for epipens and glucagon). The school district is required by law to make the necessary arrangements to be sure a nurse is available.
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    NYS has a statewide student health website that has all the information you will ever need about school nursing and laws. I din't know if other states have a similar resource.