Where's the line?

  1. Long story short- I have a student newly diagnosed with Epilepsy. She happens to be a family member of an administrator. While it is important for everyone involved with this child's daily routine (recess duty, lunch/breakfast duty, waiting on the bus duty, etc...) to be aware of the diagnosis, where is the line to privacy drawn? I just feel like some things are appropriate to discuss and other things may not be...
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  3. by   nurse pal
    We have a form the parents fill out stating we can share medical information or not. There is no need to talk about the student to anyone OTHER Than those caring for him during HIS school day. If someone other than those people ask you, I simply state HIPAA and change the subject
  4. by   Flare
    agreed - the parents should fill out a form allowing you to disseminate medical info as appropriate to staff. We have a line for this permission right on the health cards that parents need to fill out annually.
    I get around singling out my epileptic students by taking a few minutes out of the first all staff meeting to give some general info on seizures and what to do in general is someone is having a seizure. If there is more to this child's particular care, then share as permitted only with the people that need to know.
  5. by   schooldistrictnurse
    Just to clarify, our confidentiality is under FERPA, not HIPPA.
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  6. by   Supernrse01
    Thanks girls!
  7. by   MinnieMomRN
    I agree with everything Flare said. Also, I would recommend to the child's parents that they should consider getting an medical alert bracelet or necklace for the child, and to let the child pick out the style. I always add this into the ihp I write.