Totally out of the loop

  1. Venting...why does it occur to NO ONE that the nurse needs to know when major changes happen on campus, such as the gym being closed for random days/weeks at a time (when everyone knows I do my screenings there during PE), or when there is a major upheaval in the schedule for the entire Kinder class? Why am I always out of the loop on everything? Well, when the students vision and hearing don't get screened until the 11th hour, then I am on a deadline and have to interrupt their classroom time, maybe they will see fit to clue me in on some of this stuff. Not to mention the kids who will not get screened until it is too late to affect their learning for the ever-so-vital spring tests. Whatev. I'm over this.
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    now that just sucks !! i am usually the last to know about anything important field trips, med changes and classes needing head checks.

    we are definitely "out of the loop" !!

  4. by   schooldistrictnurse
    How about this one: let's email the nurse to ask her to contact the doc regarding all the health issues we discussed at the student's IEP. WHAT! You didn't think maybe the nurse should be present at the IEP if there are so many health issues? Reply: Oh, yeah, I guess maybe you should have been there.
  5. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Yep, this is the first year I've ever been invited to any 504s or IEPs for kids with medical conditions...and the only reason is that so many nurses complained that we were out of the loop that the district made it mandatory!
  6. by   Cherry Ames Peds RN
    If your school has a daily staff email bulletin, or even a weekly one, perhaps you could be added to the email list. I've found that helpful to keep up with what's happening at my schools.
  7. by   Kim O'Therapy
    I understand where you're coming from. My famous quote around my school is "the nurse is always the last to know." Yesterday, I told the AP that if I had to produce an IHP or 504 documentation, I wanted to be at the meeting. On a positive note, at least the registration clerk now gives me copies of the absence excuses that have any pertinent information written on them. Yes, it make sense for the nurse to know that little Johnny was in the ER 48 hours ago with a severe asthma attack. Ya think?