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Came in this morning to an email sent 12/27 requesting I speak to a student regarding his hygeine. Really? I have done it every year for 4 years. His living environment is not conducive to good... Read More

  1. by   MrNurse(x2)
    Quote from Flare
    This is the exact scenario I find myself a surprising amount. Where Hygiene is just not a part of the child's life and when you meet the family, you realize that everyone lives like this. Mom might shower a little more regular, but the clothes are no more cleaner and Dad might have a great job, but maybe his job doesn't require him to look or smell any particular way. So literally no attention is given to how dirty or clean anyone in the family is. Yes, the water is running. And the child does actually come in once in a while with clean hair - so the potential is there.

    Like i said, you can only lead a horse to water so many times. You can't make it drink - nor bathe. Teachers often forget this. That we can't force them. We can't forcibly give students sponge baths in our offices. And if they are not willing or interested in hygiene, there really isn't a magic combination of words.
    It really comes down to our societal norms and if it is worth it pursuing the norm. Funny that with all the cultural diversity that academia loves to embrace they take issue with this. You may want to retaliate the teacher's complaint with this.
  2. by   ana010
    After I have had this talk with a student, I often tell my teachers it is a social norm, as there is no policy regarding this I am very sorry, but I am not addressing this awkward topic again. I encourage them to address it either as a blanket statement to the class, "you all need to shower and use deodorant tonight or in the morning or both!". Then follow up individually, if needed. There are only so many times I'm willing to tell Joey he smells. And the last time he came in, he smiled and said, "Is this about a shower?"