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  1. 0 Being a new school nurse I am pretty stumped on rashes that the children come in with. Any tools/books/resources that anyone would recommend to help me with learning this stuff?
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    I adore my Dermatology DDxDeck by Mosby. great picture, great info on the back of the cards. Bound together so it doesn't come apart.
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    disclaimer: i realize some sites are totally bogus.....goggle pics of rashes and compare what u see, or make use of your peds book. after a while you will know them by sight. it also is very helpful to call mom and ask her if she is aware of the rash on johnny's arm. quite often the can tell you what it is. you can also troubleshoot while on phone..... any new foods, were they outside last night, new places over w/e, laundry soap etc. good luck. feel free to come back and ask ?????. most of us here have learned the hard way!
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    Hardin MD : Medical Information + Pictures

    LOVE this website!!!!! its great for all derm issues
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