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Hi I applied for (and was offered!) a School Nurse job with the NYC DOH. I received a verbal offer after the interview in April. I have submitted all the requested paperwork and am just waiting... Read More

  1. by   Nursehard
    Hi there! I got a conditional offer as well from them. I attended the April job fair too. I did the online application and the physical exam . Now I'm waiting for a call for in person processing. I'm starting to worry because I didn't get a call yet. Did you get a phone call from the requirement team yet?
  2. by   NewTooNYC
    Hey! I'm the previous poster (had to open a new account). My physical exam is scheduled for next week and I did the online application as well, but still no phone call =/ However I tried calling them myself a few weeks ago because the sheet of paper they handed out with the offer said that the call would come "simultaneously" with the email for the online app. When I called they said they "weren't even close" to doing the calls yet, which is obviously weird. Not sure what that means, especially since someone in another thread said they already got their phone call.

    I did however get an email asking if I took the civil service exam back in January, which I responded that I did not. Did you get that email?
  3. by   NewTooNYC
    anyone hear about placements yet?
  4. by   Phebee
    Hey guys I was in the April group interview too. I got offered a position. Got processed June 29 and did my physical July 7th. I got an email asking about the civil service exam too. I am getting really anxious though because we're in august. I've been calling them since July asking for a start date and I got vague answers such as " it's only July you will be called in sept." I'm getting pretty annoyed because I wanted to give my current job a heads up- 2 weeks notice before I leave. One of the recruiters estimated Sept 11th being the orientation start date? Any updates from anyone? That would be very helpful..
  5. by   NewTooNYC
    Hey there, up until a few hours ago I was confused as you are, but I actually just got an email today from the agency. First they apologized for the radio silence (surprising, but welcomed), and then informed me that they are still working on placements with a potential start date in either mid-September OR beginning of November. They said the orientation would be 6 weeks, so I can only assume they are planning on doing two sets of orientation groups, one at a time (hence a potential November start). The email also said to keep waiting until I receive a phone call and formal follow up letter before resigning, although I left my job back in June for other personal reasons. Oh, and they said once orientation is complete I would start in my placement, but they didn't specify if the placement is given with the phone call/formal letter or only after orientation. So still a lot of ambiguity, but at least they reached out and gave an update.
  6. by   Phebee
    After writing my post yesterday I received the same email as you. My only issue is that I am still employed and really need to give my job a heads up so this is becoming a little complicated . Also we won't know where we're being placed until after the 6 weeks of orientation makes me nervous too.
  7. by   NewTooNYC
    I hear you on that. I'm not entirely sure but I think they were implying that the call/formal letter would come with sufficient time to provide 2 weeks notice, like the last week of August for a mid-September start.
  8. by   NewTooNYC
    UPDATE: I got the call today! Official start date is Sept 11, but I don't know where yet. They said the official email will come in a few days with more detail. Good luck to others!
  9. by   Yellibee
    Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me how the orientation process went for you? I was offered the Sept 11th start date but had to decline because it was not sufficient notice for my job resignation. I start this month.