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I have to get something off of my chest. I'm a new grad and my only nursing job has been as a school nurse. I started as a sub for the county and will be moving into a full time position. I could not... Read More

  1. by   pa715
    Jeesh? A real nurse? What's that supposed to mean? We are all nurses, whether we are school nurses, home health nurses, hospital nurses, retired nurses, former nurses, nurse managers. We need good school nurses, too, because perhaps you may be the only caring adult in that child's life! Our children are our future and we need someone to take care of our children. And perhaps you can even inspire children to become nurses! While I appreciate our hospital nurses and paid my dues, they aren't all that. Hopefully our patients are only in the hospital for a few days and are discharged. We need nurses that take care of people year-round, not just short term in the hospital.
  2. by   nursnana
    I wish I could afford to be a school nurse........I would in a heartbeat !!! Way too underpaid
  3. by   Erikadawn RN
    I'm always on the phone with my children's school nurse, 1 with asthma and the other with ADHD. School nurses make me able to go to work and not be a stressed out nurse
  4. by   nursewannabe71
    Did someone actually say that to you? I always wanted to work with kids and thought it be great to work at a school! I have been nervous about it though,YOU are the only person EVERYONE relies on!I would love to see future posts about your experience!
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  5. by   NurseFrustrated
    If you are happy in your job, and it sounds like you are, who cares if people think you're not a real nurse? What do they know anyway? You work a lot better hours than a lot of other nurses so that's a good thing for you. If you're in a job you love, treasure it and don't let anybody else ruin it for you.
  6. by   MurseMike33322
    You worked sooooooooo hard in nursing school to do what truly makes you happy and fulfilled. And you seem to have passion from what you have written. You are so lucky! And to think of the positive influence you will make upon those impressionable minds! How awesome! Good on you! You make Nightingale, Maslow AND Erikson proud (and me too )
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  7. by   samadams8
    Quote from Sugarcoma
    OP just know that if you were a "real hospital nurse" you would still get comments like these.Don't you know that Med-surg nurses are glorified waitresses and only ICU RN's are REAL nurses? Or that ICU RNs are anal bullies that can't assess without a million dollars worth of equipment and three aides attached to the patient? Why they wouldn't last half a shift on a floor with 6 patients to take care of and they could never do the work of an ER nurse, now those are the real nurses. But wait: those wacky ER RN's just spend their shifts being mean and denying people pain medication, if they ever found themselves on a floor or up in the ICU they would end up huddled in a corner get the idea. Insecure people will always find a way to make themselves feel better at the expense of others, don't give them another thought. I personally envy you for finding your niche so early in your career! I am still looking for mine.
    Yes. Sums it up. This thread has gotten a lot of positive replies, and it's refreshing.
  8. by   samadams8
    Different does not = "unreal."
  9. by   Nursecat79
    I went to school with someone who failed out of nursing school the first quarter. I ran into her when she reapplied and she made a comment about not needing to do well in school since she was just going to be a "school nurse anyway". I had to let her know that with that attitude I hoped none of my kids ended up in a school she worked for. School nurses rock!
  10. by   nurse4sale
    Hi, Kkrlaa, it sounds to me you're doubting yourself. Who cares what others think. If you're happy with you life and it's fulfilling, then why the rant? Do you need validation? Do you need to hear from others how important your job is; will that make you feel better? Your job is important, not only that, you're surrounded by 1000's of tiny little germ carriers and I give you all the credit in the world. Good luck and believe your job is don't need to hear it from us.
  11. by   kkrlaa5512
    Wow! I logged on this afternoon hoping to maybe see a few words of encouragement and I got to see all of this!! Thank you all. I'm new to nursing and new to this site and the sense of support I already feel is astounding. This really lifted me up and gave me that push to keep on keeping on and just further fueled my fire to keep doing what I love.
  12. by   BSNbeDONE
    Before I became an RN, I worked for over 20 years as an LPN. I remember during one orientation to a new hospital, the education nurses repeatedly referred to the team members as nurses AND LPNs. What do you mean by "nurses AND LPNs? The N in LPN stands for Nurse, you idiot!" Of course, being the professional that I am, I didn't say that out loud but I knew right away this was not a place I planned to spend most of my time. I was VERY offended! As I see it, if the position required education in an accredited school of nursing and a valid unencumbered nursing license, you ARE a real nurse regardless of what other people think. That's why you have the job and they don't. I would love to be a school nurse and as soon as they get rid of the kids, I'm gonna apply! (LOL!)
  13. by   Kooky Korky
    I had an instructor long ago who said that OR nurses weren't really nurses. People say a lot of dumb stuff, don't they?