New School Nurse...need some advice!

  1. Hello everyone!! I recently just started as a school nurse. It is my first job since i have graduated almost 2 years ago. I have only been working for about a week now and was wonering if anyone could give me some help hits or tips. I was looking for a book that could be helpful as well, just on what to do in certain situations. The other nurse that has been orienting me has taught me to give ice packs for kids with headaches, if they have a stomach ache to take their temperature, if no fever to give them water, allow them to use the restroom and rest for 15 minutres and then have them return to class. For things like that I am just not sure if what I am doing is right or whether it si effective so that is why im posting this. What things have other school nurses found helpful? Any tips and tricks for anyhting school nursing related would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
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  3. by   chiefswife
    You're in the right place to find advice! Just read thru the posts on this board, you will find we've all had these same kind of questions.

    You said this is your first job since leaving school 2 years ago, please make sure you ASK questions of the other nurses in your district. It's ok to admit you are unsure of yourself, you will only learn by doing and asking questions.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Be sure to check a temp for headaches too...lots of kids get headaches as their first sign of a fever. The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) has lots of information as well as a bookstore. I have their Comprehensive Guide to School Nursing and it is a lifesaver. Other tidbits, call home for any head injury (even minor) and for any injury that might leave a mark on the face (even if a little scratch). Some nurses call home anytime they see a child twice in the same day, but that is something you will work out for yourself and the population you serve. With kids old enough to try and fake sick, vomit does not count unless I or the teacher witness it (no going into the bathroom alone and saying they threw up.) Don't bother giving icepacks for injuries more than 24 hours old (for example a 3 day old bruise that just started hurting), ice won't help at that point anyway. For stomachaches be sure to ask if they have eaten breakfast, how much they ate, etc. Many morning stomachaches are hunger in disguise.

    Sorry so disjointed, just throwing out some of the tips that I learned the hard way Hang in there!