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My school nurse poem I made up

  1. 6 My boss wanted us to make up a poster about our clinic so I decided to write a poem:

    We never know what'll come through the door
    It could be wheezing or a big red sore
    Here comes a pt. who has hit his head
    He tripped and fell is what he said
    What do I see as I apply the ice
    I see some big, moving lice
    A cut on the hand, a headache or two
    Just hope no one comes in turning blue
    My tooth fell out, my throat is sore
    I shut my finger in the door
    My lips are chapped, my belly's grumbly
    I didn't eat breakfast, I'm really hungry
    We're happy to be here to care for all
    If you need us, just give us a call.
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    that's awesome! thanks!!
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    Very cute!