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Medication storage

  1. 0 I have recently switched to a different school with alot of medication. I need to get it organized a little better. I got a spice storage system called youcopia will hold 30 bottles. I still need some good ideas. Any suggestions?
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    i looked that up, that's a pretty good idea if you have cabinets! We got marked off in a review for not having the ritalin in a double locking cabinet, so that's what Im using now. It's pretty spacious, so i line up all the meds and move from one shelf to another as i give them (but i have about 10 meds, so it's not too bad)
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    I have a tool box- like a crash cart in the hospital. Our agri department made an insert for my drawer that has holes for my medication bottles in it. It works really well for me. I put them in by times or you can do by grade-whichever works best for you. I just turn the bottles upside down after I give them so I know it's been done. I put a label on the tops of the bottles for easy access, too.
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    I keep my daily meds in a locked cabinet -as I administer I too turn my bottles upside down. I also have a tall locking cabinet with 5 deep shelves - one shelf I have labeled baskets (A-E, F-J etc etc) with all the PRN stuff, next shelf is my EpiPen, inhalers, neb treatment stuff.