Maturation "Gift Bags"

  1. 0 What do you guys pass out to the boys and girl's for their "sex ed"/maturation class? Ours is about an hour long, with boys and girls seperated and 5th and 6th seperated. It's really mild, mostly speaking about hygiene and emotions with a glance at how to apply and remove a pad or showing the girl's a bra. (It's REALLY conservative here!)

    The PTA makes the gift bags, so a little bit of time can go into them.
    Do you have cute little poems or cartoons? Girl's receive a pad and a cookie and boys get a toothbrust and a cookie? IDK! Just wondering what special things you might do for your students.
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    I get the Proctor gamble stuff - girls get a pad and a little brochure and the boys get a deodorant sample and their own brochure - although it sounded like the boy's packs this year may have been cut back to just a brochure. Shame if it was...
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    I heard it was just a pamphlet this year, so I didn't order the boys this year.
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    We haven't gotten deodorants for several years. I buy one sample size for each boy and girl and put them in with the proctor and gamble stuff. 69 cents each.
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    I e-mailed them and was unable to get anything for the boys, but I am still using the same video and it says boys get it. I had a lot of disappointed boys last year :/

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